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Upper School Courses

Information for Summer Academy 2024 coming soon. 

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Our strength at Hamden Hall Summer Academy is our small class size. Our courses provide students with the chance to work closely with qualified teachers who aim to help equip students with the skills, attitude, and the independence necessary to master whatever stage they are at in the educational process.

Non-credit courses are offered during Session 1 (July 3 - 14) and Session 2 (July 17 - 28). 

Session 1: July 3 - 14
Session 2: July 17 - 28
Time Middle School Level Upper School Level
9a - 11a Fundamentals of English I
(offered Sessions 1 & 2)
Fundamentals of English II
(offered Sessions 1 & 2)
11a - 12p Pre-Algebra Preview (offered Session 1) Geometry Preview
(offered Session 2)

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Credit Courses

Any student who wishes to receive credit for a Summer Academy course should contact the Summer Academy office and request that a transcript be sent to their school. Please be aware that the decision to award credit is made by the school which the student attends during the regular school year.

*Eligible Hamden Hall students may also take selected courses for credit.

Successful completion of a credit course allows a Hamden Hall student to advance to the next level of the course in September. It does not reduce the number of courses to be taken that year. 

* Departmental permission required prior to registration.

Independent Study in Art (Credit)
June 26 - July 14
Tuition $800

In this course, students build their own portfolios with direction from the instructor. For interested juniors, this course may represent a realistic alternative to the extensive and vigorous requirements of the AP portfolio. For talented juniors, this course may represent a start towards developing a true AP portfolio the following year. To enroll in this course, a student must follow a procedure similar to developing an independent course: student and instructor together present a plan for building the portfolio.
 *Permission of the Department and Academic Dean required.

Portfolio (Credit)
Portfolio preparation for college level program.  
9:00 - 12:00
June 26 - July 14
Tuition $800

Digital Photography (Credit)
9:00 - 12:00
June 26 - July 14
Tuition $800

The objective of this course is to give students an introduction to the technical skills necessary to use computers, digital cameras, scanners, and software as a means of visually communicating their photographic ideas. The course will enable students to shoot digitally, scan, and make adjustments in Adobe Photoshop. The use of Adobe Photoshop will be geared towards improving photographic images and not heavy manipulation or design. We will explore both the technical and aesthetic side of photography and how the “digital revolution” is changing the medium through a combination of lectures, projects, and student­ designed research.

Ceramics (Credit)

June 26 - July 14
Tuition $800

This course is an introduction to the sculptural, painterly, and functional approaches to ceramics. Students will explore techniques in wheel throwing and construction for hand­ building. The emphasis is on the form and the function of each piece. 

Multi-Media Design (Credit)
June 26 - July 14
Tuition $800

This course explores two-dimensional concepts on an advanced level through a variety of materials. Students develop areas previously studied in the other two ­dimensional art courses—including color, composition, line, shape, positive­-negative space—on a more sophisticated and in­depth level. Painting, drawing, and/or printmaking are not seen as separate entities, but as connecting disciplines. Collage effects are used to enhance two-­dimensional study.

Honors Chemistry (credit)

June 26 - July 28 
8a - noon
Tuition: $1500
Grades: 10-11
*we are closed Tues, July 4

Honors Chemistry is intended for ambitious students with high interest and ability in science and math. The modern atomic model is presented as an explanation of the periodic behavior of the elements and their bonding in compounds. In addition, students discover through experiment the chemical concepts of stoichiometry, thermochemistry, equilibrium, kinetics, acids/bases, and oxidation/reduction reactions. The pace of learning is quick, and quantitative methods are used extensively. Thus, high achievement in both mathematics and prior science courses are prerequisites for Honors Chemistry, and Honors Chemistry is a prerequisite for AP Biology and AP Chemistry.

Department Head permission required PRIOR TO REGISTRATION for Hamden Hall students.

The Fundamentals of English II

Sessions Offered: 1 & 2
Hours: 9 - 11 a
Tuition: $475
Grades 9-10

This is an English skills review course which covers critical reading and writing skills. Students will read, discuss, and analyze the literature. We will also learn to develop strong thesis statements, outline an essay, and construct a strong five-paragraph essay using textual evidence. Grammar and vocabulary will also be reviewed.
Strongly recommended for students new to Hamden Hall. 
Suitable for English language learners who have a basic understanding of English.

Geometry Preview

Session Offered: 2
Hours: 11a - 12p
Tuition $250
Grades 8-12

Students will become acquainted with the use of definitions, postulates and theorems, particularly as they apply to the "if-then" logic of proofs; points, lines, planes, segments and angles; properties of triangles and other geometric figures; congruency and similarity; right triangles; circles; areas and volumes.

Strongly recommended as a preparation for Geometry. 

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