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The Natural Curiosity of Children

The Lower School science program is rooted in the natural curiosity of elementary school children about the natural world. From the earliest years, students are encouraged to observe, describe, measure, record, and hypothesize.
The youngest record by drawing, while older students learn to take notes and form "If/then" hypotheses. Taking full advantage of a spacious Lower School science area that is rich in resources to be explored, students collaborate to experiment and learn about a wide range of topics from butterflies to magnets, tidewater pools to musical instruments, to name but a few.
Our local area provides ample opportunities for field trips and the school's new partnership with Mystic Seaport enables us to expand the horizons of the fourth and fifth graders to the ocean and its role in the history of Connecticut. By the end of sixth grade, students have been trained to observe and think like scientists and have completed foundational work that prepares them well for the rigors of a more formalized science program in the Middle School.

Science in the Classroom

Grade 3 students used their "free exploration" period to build cup towers.
Grade 4 students during their Firebugs Unit learned about the energy content of foods by burning marshmallows and using a calorimeter to measure heat transfer.
Our annual Lower School Science Fair is a crowd-pleaser as students in Grades 4 through 6 display their intellectual curiosity and know-how among family and friends.
Our first-graders celebrated St. Patrick's Day by making leprechaun traps after learning about science principles such as force, motion, and gravity.

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Bayer Family Lower School Science Center

The Bayer Family Lower School Science Center was established in September of 2011. At that time, Hamden Hall renovated nearly 1,500 square feet of space to create a state-of-the-art science center for students in Kindergarten through Grade 6.

Grade 4 Science Fair

Grade 4 Science Fair 2021

Fourth-graders created independent science projects in class that included researching a topic and testing the hypothesis. Projects contained multiple steps that were completed over several days and students presented their information to their peers as a final step.

"Through trial and error, students  learned to problem solve using critical thinking for their projects to be successful," said Lower School science teacher Claire Rich.

'Turtle King' Video Series

Hamden Hall has a variety of marine life throughout many of its science classrooms on campus.  Our special "Turtle King" videos feature live Friday afternoon feedings of the three turtles who reside in our Bayer Family Lower School Science Center. 

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