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The Natural Curiosity of Children

The Lower School science program is rooted in the natural curiosity of elementary school children about the natural world. From the earliest years, students are encouraged to observe, describe, measure, record, and hypothesize.
The youngest record by drawing, while older students learn to take notes and form "If/then" hypotheses. Taking full advantage of a spacious Lower School science area that is rich in resources to be explored, students collaborate to experiment and learn about a wide range of topics from butterflies to magnets, tidewater pools to musical instruments, to name but a few.
Our local area provides ample opportunities for field trips and the school's new partnership with Mystic Seaport enables us to expand the horizons of the fourth and fifth graders to the ocean and its role in the history of Connecticut. By the end of sixth grade, students have been trained to observe and think like scientists and have completed foundational work that prepares them well for the rigors of a more formalized science program in the Middle School.

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  • Bird Beak Adaptations

    Lorri Carroll/ Emily Anderson
    Third graders recently took a trip to the Eli Whitney Museum to enrich their rainforest study. There they learned about bird beak adaptations, and had the opportunity to create one of four different beaks. Each beak represented either an insect eater, nut eater, fruit eater, or raptor, and correlated to birds of the rainforest. Students had a great time building their beaks, and testing different materials that the beak could pick up. 
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  • Project parachute!

    Lorri Carroll
    Third grade has been learning about forces, and designed and constructed parachutes to study gravity and resistance forces (air). They learned how to make a reinforced grommet and to tie their knots. Our testing (though a bit windy) was a success, and fun too! 
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  • First Grade Field Trip to Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center

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  • PreKindergarten students plant seeds in Tower Garden

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