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  Hamden Hall subscribes to the philosophy of a ‘sound mind in a sound body’ for each student. We believe that athletics is an integral part of the educational process, along with classroom instruction, student government, the arts, and other extra-curricular activities to provide students with the best opportunity for personal growth and success. We strive to develop the unique potential of each student-athlete: physical, mental, social, and ethical qualities to perform as an individual or part of a team dedicated to a common goal and purpose. We are dedicated to helping student-athletes develop a positive self-image as well as a sense of confidence, independence, and leadership.

To facilitate these ends, all Grade 7 - 12 students participate in team sports with selected non-competitive offerings also available. Independent electives are available for special individualized athletic programs that are unavailable at Hamden Hall. Exemptions are also available for intense commitment to one of the school’s programs such as fine arts productions and senior yearbook editors, and for documented medical reasons. Application for independents and exemptions are reviewed by a body of school administrators.

The objectives of the Middle and Upper School programs include:
  • To develop team play and sportsmanship;
  • To develop hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, agility, fitness, and endurance;
  • To develop the understanding and application of team sport strategies and rules;
  • To develop positive social interaction towards teammates, opponents, and officials.

The success of our athletic program is not to be measured by wins and losses and trophies; the end result of winning an athletic contest is secondary to the overall education of the athletes. This is especially true at the sub-varsity level. Emphasis should be placed on achieving general fitness, learning basic sport skills and how to compete, and developing a genuine enthusiasm for athletics – all of which are necessary for success at the varsity level. Therefore, at the Middle School and Junior Varsity levels, though the effort is made to win the contest, everyone plays in every game, though all do not necessarily receive equal playing time. A good coach, however, acquires the ability to handle the roster so that everyone is able to play “quality time,” and does not simply empty the bench once the outcome is beyond doubt. This is especially true for home contests; win or lose, we want the contest to be a rewarding experience for athletes as well as their family and friends in attendance. Varsity level athletics is the highest level of sports competition, and as such, contests are played to be won by the most proficient athletes who can best represent our school. Therefore, every team member may not play in each contest.

Hamden Hall belongs to two leagues: the Fairchester Athletic Association and Connecticut Independent School Athletic Conference. We are also a member of the Western New England Prep School Athletic Association (WNEPSAA), and the New England Prep School Athletic Council (NEPSAC), whose Codes of Ethics we strictly follow. We enjoy a reputation as one of the most competitive and successful small prep schools in all of New England, having won a significant number of league titles as well as multiple New England championships in sports such as boys and girls soccer, basketball, and baseball for more than a decade. Each year about 10 percent of our senior class goes on to play in college at the Division I, II, and III levels.

Our mascot, the Hornet, is a fitting symbol of our tireless fighting spirit. We invite you to investigate further into our proud tradition in the pursuit of athletic excellence.

David Doyle
Director of Athletics
The Beckerman Athletic Center has been selected as the winner in the Best of Hamden Awards for three consecutive years: 2020, 2021, and 2022.  
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