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From Peer Leadership Advisor Chase duPont 2002

"The Peer Leadership program develops and fosters the essential leadership roles and qualities that make the most effective leaders so successful. As an alumnus and a former Peer Leader myself, I speak from personal experience when I say this program changes lives."

2016-2017 Peer Leadership Community Service Project

As their freshmen group members painted wooden body pieces and attached limbs to their DIY robots, Peer Leaders Julia “Jem” Marriott and Miles Cogdell initiated a discussion about the words each group had ascribed to their robot – from “Dream Big” to “Love,” “Hope,” and “Faith.”

“Our word is ‘hope,’” said Jane Bailyn, who was partnering with Jordan Benoit on the robot project. “Robots are perceived as heartless, so we wanted to choose a word that is the opposite of that. Plus hope is pretty cool.”

The making and building of the toy robots, which were ultimately delivered to domestic violence victims at a center on Whitney Avenue, were part of a new initiative for Hamden Hall’s Princeton Peer Leadership Program. Each Peer Leader group was tasked with using the leadership skills they’ve garnered thus far in the school year to help effect change within the community.

“The implementation of your project should showcase to the community the positive change you are making, and should allow for the freshmen in your group to build group identity and have direct involvement,” Peer Leaders were instructed by their PL advisors, John Greenawalt, Chase du Pont, and Lisa Daly.
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Princeton Peer Leadership Program

Esteemed Mentorship Program Yields Tomorrow's Leaders and Problem-Solvers

Established nearly three decades ago, this esteemed program offers freshmen a year-long orientation and social mentoring opportunity as administered by their peers - 12 specially selected and trained seniors known as Peer Leaders. 
The program is a springboard for the seniors, offering them real-world approaches and problem-solving mechanisms that launch their roles as future community and global leaders.
  • Rigorous academic standards are maintained as seniors work through leadership skill units in their daily classes and are assigned projects.
  • Peer Leaders receive intensive daily training and preside over weekly freshmen discussion groups.
  • Instruction and guidance are provided via real-world, social-emotional skills and approaches that establish a foundation in our seniors for future leadership positions.
  • Potential Peer Leaders must possess leadership aptitude, an interest in personal growth, an ability to get along well with others, and offer an overall diverse representation of our school community.
  • Social bonding exercises and projects create connections among the various peer groups and help both freshmen and seniors grow as individuals.
  • Peer Leaders attend a three-day leadership training retreat, followed by a mid-year, 24-hour refresher retreat. 

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