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Peer Leadership Co-Advisors Tricia Dowcett and Jennifer Manley


“Peer Leadership is an integral part of Hamden Hall's fabric because it helps students understand what it means to be contributing members of the community, both on campus and beyond. The newest Peer Leaders are a diverse group with a wide array of skills and experiences. Each one has demonstrated leadership, and we are confident that they will work well with the range of students we have on campus.”

2024-2025 Student Peer Leaders

Theodora Aslan
Chase Benivegna
De'ron Dickerson
Lauren Golioto
Calvin Gormley
Delilah Hodge
Eric Huang
Addison Letizia
Daniella Li
Grayson Nichols
Mara Patterson
Sanjiv Persaud
Asher Wasserman
Nyla Zundell


Esteemed Mentorship Program Yields Tomorrow's Leaders and Problem-Solvers

Freshmen engage in a year-long orientation and social mentoring opportunity that's administered by their peers - 12 specially selected seniors known as Peer Leaders - in this premier honors program. Established three decades ago at Hamden Hall, the Princeton Peer Leadership program offers ninth-graders a connection to one another and their school community to better help them navigate their first year as Upper Schoolers.  
  • Starting on the first day of school, a foundation is established as Peer Leaders help coordinate Freshmen Orientation and the annual class trip.
  • Weekly peer group meetings feature social-bonding exercises and activities to break down barriers and encourage discussion.
  • Peer Leaders receive intensive leadership training and are mentored in real-world, social-emotional skills and approaches for best practices.
  • Several ninth-grade-only events are planned throughout the school year including Activity Day, during which activities and projects help students drop pretenses and better understand one another.
  • Parents of ninth-graders receive monthly letters informing them of various Peer Leadership events and programming.
  • Each peer group participates in a culminating community service project with the objective of affecting change at Hamden Hall or within the greater community.

Community Service Initiative

The second half of the school year for our Peer Leadership groups involves community service projects.

Each freshman group, along with their Peer Leaders, is tasked with using the leadership and community-building skills they've acquired thus far to help effect change within the Hamden Hall community and indeed the greater community, if possible.

"Each peer group participates in a culminating community service project with the objective of affecting change at Hamden Hall or within the greater community,” explained Peer Leader co-advisors Tricia Dowcett and Jennifer Manley.

The initiative was first started during the 2016-2017 school year. Since then, community service projects have included the making and building of the toy robots that were distributed to domestic violence victims at a center on Whitney Avenue, Another project garnered donations for a local animal shelter after the Peer group coordinated a dog-petting fundraiser on campus.

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