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Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery

Our gallery provides an additional educational experience for not only the art students but also the Hamden Hall community. Every year we showcase regional and national artists and introduce them to the Hamden Hall community. Additionally, independent study art students curate student artwork to be exhibited in the gallery.

Current Exhibition

Rachel Siporin
The Painter's Prints
Color Etchings, Monotypes, & Color Reduction Woodcuts.
May 6 - June 7, 2019 Artist’s Reception Sunday, June 2nd, 2-4pm

“The Dock” Monotype/Caran D’ache Water-Soluble Crayons, 18”X 24”, 2019
I am a painter by training and it is only in the last eight years that I have become a dedicated printmaker. I focused my exploration on three printmaking processes- color reduction woodcut, color etching and monotype. I have had two solo exhibitions as a Gallery member of the Bowery Gallery, NYC, Color Reduction Woodcuts, 2014 and Color Etchings/ Homage to the Happenings, 2017. I use the processes to tell stories, personal narratives that investigate the relationships of figures both on a formal and psychological level.

My 2014 exhibition at the Bowery Gallery, NYC focused on color reduction relief small edition prints. In the color reduction relief process what is cut away does not print. One continues to cut away one color at a time, reprinting the entire edition with the subsequent color. By the end of the process, the artist has a set number of prints which cannot be added to with additional printing, for much of the block is now cut away.

In 2015 I embarked on a new artistic exploration, multiple plate color etchings. The color etchings in Homage to the Happenings utilize multiple plates and the overlap of cross -hatching and aquatint increase color resonance and range. In the printing of the final print, each plate is run through the press several times, with rollers used to apply additional color and pattern, making each print unique. I originally found the copper plate to be a rigid and fixed surface. I now regard the plate as flexible, no different from a canvas. Areas are scraped, and figures are redrawn, or erased. As I unearth the narrative and space, plates are added to form diptychs and triptychs, as the story unfolds.

My most recent work continues to explore the dialogue and relationships of artists to each other, and the role of the artistic community has in the creation of art, that emerged in my series Homage to the Happenings/ the Artist as Performer and Audience. In my most recent work, I reference period photographs of Black Mountain College, Ashville North Carolina 1933- 1956, as I create multiple plate color etchings and monotypes.


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