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Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery

Our gallery provides an additional educational experience for not only the art students but also the Hamden Hall community. Every year we showcase regional and national artists and introduce them to the Hamden Hall community. Additionally, independent study art students curate student artwork to be exhibited in the gallery.

Current Exhibition

Katie Peterson Rivera - Alumna 2006
Protect What Matters: Stories Beneath the Surface
October 10th - November 22nd

There’s always a story beneath the surface.

Each of my pieces is a snapshot of a time or a place where, for a moment, my life stood still for hours to become mementos that will last for years. Sophomore year of college, a late-night stroll, a first-year dating anniversary, a preparation for a passing, a focal point in turbulence - there is always more of a story beneath the surface.

When my best friend recently got sick, nothing was as important as their health and safety. Housework went undone, eating was an unnecessary chore, plans and schedules went out the window, sleep was for the unencumbered. Like a mother bear, I stood vigilant, fought for the right decisions, the correct moves, for what was needed, owed, and deserved. I have had the phrase “protect what matters” in my head for years; at this moment in my life, the phrase feels more significant than ever before.

Protect what matters.

All great artists have a closet full of bad paintings. All homes have bad photos not good enough for the family album. All hold a speck of significance in the eyes and heart of their maker.

Protect what matters.

Remember why you started.

Then remember to keep going.

Lucky are those who can still make memories.

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