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Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery

Our gallery provides an additional educational experience for not only the art students but also the Hamden Hall community. Every year we showcase regional and national artists and introduce them to the Hamden Hall community. Additionally, independent study art students curate student artwork to be exhibited in the gallery.

Current Exhibition

Don Wunderlee
Dialogues in Paint
February 3 - March 13

Dialogue in Red 24x36
acrylic on canvas
I'm interested in both the psychological and the visual effects of color but never quite know what color I will use when starting a painting. The process is more instinctual, how I feel that day, as in the case of Dialogue in Red.
The painting began with random marks and shapes in blues and greens adrift or floating in the background of the piece.
Then as the painting progressed, the reds and oranges began to dominate.
The piece and the random marks became ghostly marks lurking behind the red field. Once the painting reached that stage, I felt it needed something definitive in contrast but organic to the red field. And so a circular shape grew into a cluster, the final focal point.
The Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
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