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Our Commitment to Diversity at Hamden Hall starts with our core values: Excellence, Support, Participation, Accountability, and Respect. Taken as a whole, our core values are paradigmatic of the standards and principles that are the foundation of The Hamden Hall Experience for all members of our school community.

For our Hamden Hall family to truly function properly, we must take great care to embrace our core values while recognizing the individuality of each of our community members. We are one united community but we are also diverse in our self-identities and cultural experiences.

We continually talk at Hamden Hall about the need to speak up or take a stand when we see or hear something that violates one of our core values. We talk about being an ally, not a bystander,” said Head of School Bob Izzo.

To ensure that we continually grow and progress, we reaffirm each school year our commitment to equity, fairness, justice, and cultural cognizance through activities and programming as supported by our Diversity Committee.
Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
Initiatives and Progress
Hamden Hall is committed to ensuring that our campus is an inclusive one with equitable experiences for all. Action items listed below are just some of the initiatives that we are working on and the progress we've made to date. And as transparency lends credibility and authenticity to our efforts, we will continue to share
information on this page. 
Conduct a full audit of all reading materials and texts so they represent the diversity of races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientation.
Currently underway as a team of administrators starts the process of examining the English curriculum to be followed by a thorough review of all texts and learning materials used within our divisions.

Create and facilitate affinity programming for BIPOC students, faculty, and alumni.
In progress; affinity groups are already starting to form and meet including the Black Student Union, the Middle School Diversity Club, and an international group for our Chinese students. These new offerings further complement clubs that are already in place such as Pride Alliance, the Upper School Diversity Committee, and Multicultural Student Interests.

Develop and commit consistent, ongoing training in equity and diversity for faculty and students.
In progress; Hamden Hall has been committed to ongoing multicultural and anti-racism training and programming for the last several years including the Everyday Democracy initiative, which fosters a culture of understanding and respect through facilitated dialogue. Additionally, programming for Middle and Upper Schoolers via staged productions in the round promote understanding and a broadening of perspectives. In the Lower School, our Responsive Classroom approach to learning and professional development inherently addresses diversity, inclusion, and equity. Additional resources from Responsive Classroom are being explored.

Commit to making it
a priority to increase
representation of the number of
faculty and staff members of color including in leadership positions within administration and other areas of our community.
Ongoing; At the core of Hamden Hall’s long-term vision for educational excellence is the understanding that diverse perspectives, experiences, ethnicities, and races must be represented among our faculty members to best leverage authentic learning environments that attract and retain a strong and talented student body.

Develop more specific procedures for reporting incidents in which adults and students feel they have been harmed based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or other personal identity characteristics.
In progress; An 11-member Equity & Ethics Committee made up of a cross-section of administrators and faculty members is tasked with investigating and following up on reported incidents. An anonymous email address has also been established to provide a safe space for individuals to bring attention to concerns and/or issues.

Pledge to maintain the school’s commitment to having a diverse student body, including providing need-based financial aid to meet this goal, as well as establishing new funding for affinity group programming.
Ongoing; Hamden Hall is proud of the student diversity found on our campus and will continue to support this area of our school community.

Strengthen our partnerships within the Greater New Haven community through enrichment and outreach programs to provide educational opportunities to non-Hamden Hall families and students.
Hamden Hall’s Beckerman Lecture Series is an ongoing community offering established in 2012 that promotes engaging conversation about topics and themes that shape our world and impact our place in the global community. We have partnered with the ADL for both student and faculty programming as well as sponsored special ADL programs through the Beckerman Lecture Series. In conjunction with our Director of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity and newly formed affinity groups, we reaffirm that future guest speakers and programming will mirror all voices within our school community.

Demonstrate transparency with respect to our work and progress related to inclusion and equity.
We continue to disseminate information in a timely manner through a number of communication vehicles including our bi-monthly enewsletter, Hamden Hall Happenings, and our website, which features an exclusive section titled Commitment to Diversity.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Facilitators

Director of Inclusion, Equity & Diversity:

   Dr. Lisa Hill

“We are committed to making positive, enduring changes that will make Hamden Hall stand out as one of the leaders of social equity in the greater New Haven area.”

Student Diversity Committee Coordinators:

   Krysi Crimley

   Yasmin Haque

Diversity Announcements

List of 5 news stories.

  • Head of School Announces Anti-Racism Committee

    Head of School Bob Izzo has announced a new Board of Trustee Education Subcommittee on Anti-Racism. Mr. Izzo stated that since the beginning of the summer he has had several meetings regarding the school’s work with respect to anti-racism with Dr. Lisa Hill, Director of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity, administrator Krysi Crimley, trustees Bayo Afolalu, Laurie Ann Letizia, Phyllis Pari, and Board of Trustee President Joyce Lujic. All agreed that a larger committee that includes trustees, faculty, administrators, and some parents would serve the school well going forward. Trustees Bayo Afolalu and Laurie Ann Letizia will co-chair the new subcommittee.
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  • Commitment to Campus Life Action Items

    This year promises to be one of unprecedented challenges and one that requires great flexibility. We continue to be concerned about our nation’s social justice issues and are committed to creating a safe space for all of our students to thrive on our campuses. The concerns and well-being of our students, particularly those of the BIPOC community, are our priority, and we will work diligently on all areas of campus life and learning to become a more inclusive community while maintaining the highest standards of education for which we take great pride in at this institution.
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  • Hamden Hall's Commitment to Anti-Racism

    Head of School Bob Izzo and Dr. Lisa Hill, Director of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity, reaffirm Hamden Hall's commitment to being an equitable and inclusive school community.
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  • Head of School Announces Appointment of Dr. Lisa Hill as Director of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

    I am pleased to announce that Dr. Lisa Hill has been appointed Hamden Hall’s Director of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity.

    In this new post, Dr. Hill will help promote and enhance a campus-wide understanding of ethnic identities and cultures while working in conjunction with administration, faculty, current and past families, and alumni. Her overall efforts will be an integral component of campus life and will serve to create an inclusive environment that supports and affirms all members of the Hamden Hall community.
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  • Head of School Statement Regarding the Killing of George Floyd

    Head of School - Robert Izzo
    Dear Faculty and Upper School Students:

    It has been a week since the killing of George Floyd. While Floyd’s death is the most recent tragedy befallen an African American citizen, we cannot forget the recent and needless killings of Ahmaud Arbery by a neighbor while he was jogging in the street, or Breonna Taylor while she was in her own home. These killings are tragic examples of what black and brown people in our country face every day.
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Diversity Opportunities Under the Pines

Hamden Hall offers many opportunities for students to get involved in clubs, groups, and unions that fall under our Diversity umbrella. The following is a brief overview of each:

  • Diversity Committee - Members of this group work with the entire school community to develop and implement programs to build connections, reduce stereotypes and prejudices on campus, and increase cultural, religious, racial, and sexual orientation awareness in a safe environment. The Diversity Committee is comprised of students and faculty members and collaborates with other campus organizations to be inclusive. Members of the committee organize educational campus programs and invite guest speakers to provide personal testimony of their own experiences on many different topics. Members of the Diversity Committee also have the opportunity to participate in leadership and diversity conferences throughout the year.
  • Multicultural Student Interests - This committee was created to develop and implement a program to reduce prejudices and discrimination on campus, increase cultural, religious, racial and ethnic awareness, and to provide students a safe environment to be able to discuss difficult issues. The committee implements programs to educate faculty, students, and parents. All-campus events have included National Mix It Up Day, Cinco de Mayo celebration, Multicultural Monday newsletters, topical speakers, Black History Month, and more. Outside resources are consulted for programs on leadership including participation in a statewide conference.
  • Pride Alliance - The goal of the Pride Alliance is to provide a safe, supportive, and all-inclusive space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-binary, queer/questioning, asexual members, and allies of the LGBTQ+ community. The Pride Alliance also works to educate faculty, staff and students about important issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Asian Student Union - The mission statement of this Union is as follows: “The Hamden Hall Asian Students Union strives to foster inclusivity, equity, and anti-racism in the Hamden Hall Community and beyond. We recognize the immense diversity of Asia and Asian people, and we are inclusive to Asians of all backgrounds.”
  • Black Student Union - The affinity group's overarching mission is "to have a safe and communal space on campus and to provide Black students at Hamden Hall with an opportunity to foster a sense of belonging at their school." During the 2020-2021 school year, the group organized a Black History Month presentation highlighting Black Americans and their impact on history. 

Past Diversity Activities

  • Look for the Good Project
  • Lower School Mentor Program
  • FIlm Festival
  • "The Name Jar"
  • "Julia's Star" premier program
  • Black History Month
  • Cinco de Mayo Celebration
  • Lower School Movie Night
  • Mix it Up Day
  • National Anti-Bullying Month
  • Multicultural Mondays
  • No Name Calling Week
  • Parent and student programs on Name Calling / Cyber Bullying
  • Prejudice Reduction Conference
  • Discrimination Lecture
  • Student written and produced performances
  • Testimony about life in Darfur, The Holocaust, Armenia
  • Diversity Movie: "The Blindside"
  • From Bystander to Ally Program
  • Salt & Pepper Gospel Singers
  • Assembly Programs
  • Coordination with Amnesty International & Gay / Straight Alliance
    • Hamden Hall is No Place For Hate

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