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Our Commitment to Diversity at Hamden Hall starts with our core values: Excellence, Support, Participation, Accountability, and Respect. Taken as a whole, our core values are paradigmatic of the standards and principles that are the foundation of The Hamden Hall Experience for all members of our school community.

For our Hamden Hall family to truly function properly, we must take great care to embrace our core values while recognizing the individuality of each of our community members. We are one united community but we are also diverse in our self-identities and cultural experiences.

We continually talk at Hamden Hall about the need to speak up or take a stand when we see or hear something that violates one of our core values. We talk about being an ally, not a bystander,” said Head of School Bob Izzo.

To ensure that we continually grow and progress, we reaffirm each school year our commitment to equity, fairness, justice, and cultural cognizance through activities and programming as supported by our Office of Inclusion, Equity & Diversity.

Diversity Awareness

Following the foundational Diversity Program in 2006 with co-administrators Robyn Teplitzky and Suzanne Hamlin-Smith, the Office of Inclusion, Equity & Diversity continues to advocate for safe spaces while embracing difference.

Hamden Hall earned the official designation, No Place for Hate, in 2020 by the Anti-Defamation League. Since that time, we continue to stand up for equity, inclusion, and acceptance as exhibited by our school-wide pledge and banner.
Each month, the Office of Inclusion, Equity & Diversity disseminates an educational communication titled Observances and Celebrations in honor of all U.S. holidays and observances throughout the year.
Faculty and students annually attend the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference, a multiracial, multicultural gathering of student leaders from across the country and abroad.
The inaugural Walk Against Hate took place on October 16, 2022, and will be an annual tradition for the school in conjunction with the ADL. Participants gather on campus and walk to St. Thomas Church on Whitney Avenue.
Hamden Hall is proud to be among 63 schools across the nation to pilot the College Board's AP African American Studies course. The pilot program launched during the 2022-2023 school year under the leadership of Dr. Hill, who was instrumental in developing course content as a member of the College Board's Course Development Committee.

Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Facilitators

Director of Inclusion, Equity & Diversity:

   Dr. Lisa Hill

“We are committed to making positive, enduring changes that will make Hamden Hall stand out as one of the leaders of social equity in the greater New Haven area.”

Student Diversity Committee Coordinators:

   Krysi Crimley

   Yasmin Haque

Diversity Opportunities Under the Pines

Hamden Hall offers many opportunities for students to get involved in clubs, groups, and unions that fall under our Diversity umbrella. The following is a brief overview of each:

  • Diversity Committee - Members of this group work with the entire school community to develop and implement programs to build connections, reduce stereotypes and prejudices on campus, and increase cultural, religious, racial, and sexual orientation awareness in a safe environment. The Diversity Committee is comprised of students and faculty members and collaborates with other campus organizations to be inclusive. Members of the committee organize educational campus programs and invite guest speakers to provide personal testimony of their own experiences on many different topics. Members of the Diversity Committee also have the opportunity to participate in leadership and diversity conferences throughout the year.
  • Multicultural Student Interests - This committee was created to develop and implement a program to reduce prejudices and discrimination on campus, increase cultural, religious, racial and ethnic awareness, and to provide students a safe environment to be able to discuss difficult issues. The committee implements programs to educate faculty, students, and parents. All-campus events have included National Mix It Up Day, Cinco de Mayo celebration, Multicultural Monday newsletters, topical speakers, Black History Month, and more. Outside resources are consulted for programs on leadership including participation in a statewide conference.
  • Pride Alliance - The goal of the Pride Alliance is to provide a safe, supportive, and all-inclusive space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-binary, queer/questioning, asexual members, and allies of the LGBTQ+ community. The Pride Alliance also works to educate faculty, staff and students about important issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Asian Student Union - The mission statement of this Union is as follows: “The Hamden Hall Asian Students Union strives to foster inclusivity, equity, and anti-racism in the Hamden Hall Community and beyond. We recognize the immense diversity of Asia and Asian people, and we are inclusive to Asians of all backgrounds.”
  • Black Student Union - The affinity group's overarching mission is "to have a safe and communal space on campus and to provide Black students at Hamden Hall with an opportunity to foster a sense of belonging at their school." During the 2020-2021 school year, the group organized a Black History Month presentation highlighting Black Americans and their impact on history. 
  • Jewish Student Union - The Jewish Student Union will work in solidarity with other affinity groups, and promote shared experiences to create a more inclusive community. We would like to integrate our core values into the Hamden Hall community, such as spreading light onto one another and creating an environment that enables everyone to live to their fullest potential.
  • Hispanic Student Union - A place for Hispanic students to feel represented and safe and to further educate non-Hispanic students on Hispanic Culture.
    • Hamden Hall is No Place For Hate

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