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Parents' Association

A Note from Our Co-Presidents:

Traditionally, the Parents' Association hosts a luncheon spread for the Facilities Department on Graduation Day. Department members are a great help to the Parents' Association throughout the year at our events, so we wanted to keep with the tradition despite not having a June graduation this year.

We reached out to Jim Hunter, Director of Facilities, for a date. Jim spoke with his department and while they thanked us for our offer, they asked instead that we donate the cost of the luncheon to the new scholarship fund recently created for students. Jim further stated that they all agreed they would rather see students who could use some help to stay at Hamden Hall get the help they need.

Therefore, in the gracious spirit of the Facilities Department, the Parents' Association will donate and match the cost of their luncheon in a donation to the Scholarship Fund.
Laurie Vingiano                                                        Gina Criscuolo
Co-President                                                            Co-President
laurievingiano@gmail.com                                       ginlan@aol.com
203.710.7200                                                           203.464.0416

Mission of the Hamden Hall Parents' Association

  • To build positive school spirit and nurture parent-to-parent and school-to-parent communication. 
  • To provide an avenue through which parents may be of service to the school. 
  • To provide an avenue through which the needs and desires of the parents may be known to the Board of Trustees and Head of School. 
  • To raise funds in conjunction with school-wide development policies and programs.



Meeting Schedule - All Wednesdays 7 p.m. / Swain Library:

Co-President Laurie Vingiano
Co-President Gina Criscuolo

Past President & Advisor Phyllis Pari

Vice President & Treasurer JoAnn Scillia

Secretary Jennifer Barba

Admissions Liaison - Chair Sandy Kaliszewski
Admissions Liaison Mihaela Aslan
Admissions Liaison Kristen Wallis

Concessions - Chair Mark McEachern
Concessions Jan Possidente-Russo

Hospitality - Chair Tammey Emerling
Hospitality Puja Kapur
Hospitality Krista Polinsky
Hospitality Connie Tenedine
Hospitality Pia Venditto

Ways and Means - Chair Vicki Aitro
Ways and Means Jenny Bayusik
Ways and Means Nicole DiNola
Ways and Means Patty Hart
Ways and Means Renee Huang
Ways and Means Bernadette LaFrance
Ways and Means Aileen Sokol
Ways and Means Dawn Thomas

Communications Liaison Dawn Miceli

Development Liaison Michele Krasznai
Development Liaison Carissa Civitello

Director of Facilities Jim Hunter 1980

Ex-Officio Robert Izzo, Head of School

LS Faculty Liaison Lorri Carroll

Faculty Liaison Andrea Calandrelli

Past Parent Liaison Christine Fontana

HHPA 2020-2021 Initiatives

The Ways and Means Committee for the 2020-2021 school year is made up of chair Vicki Aitro, Jenny Bayusik, Nicole DiNola, Patty Hart, Jennifer Hillgen-Santa, Renee Huang, Bernadette LaFrance, Aileen Sokol, and Dawn Thomas.
Planned events and activities to be announced.

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