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Recommended Devices

If you are planning to purchase a new device for the upcoming school year, below is a list of recommended devices with links to online retailers where you can purchase. You are not obligated to purchase from the retailer we link to and you may choose to purchase elsewhere if the devices are available. If you already own a device, review the Mobile Device Checklist on the right to make sure it meets our requirements. 

Suggested Software for Home:

Productivity Suite

Middle and Upper School students use Google Docs, a free, web-based office suite. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. Students may use this at home and in school. Alternativly, you may use the the Microsoft Office Mobile Apps which are accessible through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

Virus Protection/Anti-spyware

Virus protection is important on your home computer. At Hamden Hall we use Sophos for Windows and Mac OS Computers, but Avast, Avira, and Panda are also recommended. These companies have a home user version of their software that can provide internet security and anti-spyware support.  

The most important thing to know is that once you buy the software you need to keep your subscription current and you need to set the software to update daily so you get the most current virus definitions.


As part of our Google Apps for Education suite, students in grades 6 - 12 will use Gmail to facilitate the transfer of computer files between school and home and to communicate with faculty and each other.

Web-based Applications
In school we use various web-based applications. When necessary, students will create accounts for these applications in class. It would be helpful if students had access to these at home as well. Following is a list of the tools students are most likely to use, though this is not comprehensive.
  • Voicethread
  • Online Typing Pal
  • Wikispaces
  • Diigo
  • Kidblogs
  • Edublogs
  • Glogster
  • Voki

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