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Empowering Connections Built Through Team-Development Program

Creating a greater sense of school community takes strong bonds and fellowship. Filled with energy and excitement, Middle School students this week tackled team-building day activities.
Seventh- and eighth-grade students spent the day inside and out of the Beckerman Athletic Center participating in different rounds of games, which were hosted by Empower Leadership and Adventures. The interactive program was designed to help students navigate the dynamics of group planning, conflict resolution, personal initiative, and understanding the meaning of reliability.
“Today’s team-building day is about the students having fun but also forming connections and working together for a common goal,” said Dan Jaskot, president of Empower. “These games are a way of building trust, understanding personal strengths, and recognizing that asking for help makes everyone stronger both individually and as a team.”
One of the morning activities included a game called “Stepping Stone” in which students stood in two separate lines. Using plastic discs, participants had to move across the pavement keeping one foot on the disc at all times. If one student missed their footing, the disc was removed and the team had to restart. The goal was to have all team members move safely across the pavement.
Earlier this month, Upper School students also worked with the Empower Leadership and Adventures team for their team-building day. The organization takes a collaborative, fun approach to building team and self-empowerment by designing activities that help promote open communication, decision-making skills, and the ability to empower oneself

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