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Comedian Offers Hamden Hallers Advice

If you’ve kept tabs on Jena Axelrod 1992, you know she’s worth a good laugh!
A comedian based in New York City, Jena can be heard on Sirius XM Radio’s Howard 101 Jackie’s Joke Hunt. Closer to home, Jena recently shared some serious words of wisdom to students at Hamden Hall’s International Thespian Annual Awards Dinner.
“If you’re passionate about performing and are drawn to it, then follow your passion,” Jena advised. “But remember to give some thought to a practical path. I know I’m a comedian, but I also have to pay the electric bill."

To make sure the lights stay on, Jena has a day job in the financial world. At night, she brings on the laughs at different venues in the City such as the Friars Club, the Broadway Comedy Club, and Wine and Wit. Giving Michael Smith, Hamden Hall’s Head of Visual and Performing Arts a nod, Jena recalled productions she was involved in at the school. The Hamden Hall alumna thespian even recited some memorable lines from “Dark Side of the Moon,” a play she described as “strange about a bunch of hillbillies!”
Mr. Smith says he still displays in his office the jar of popcorn that Jena gave him after the show. Jena noted that she keeps in touch with many fellow Hamden Hall thespians, and she applauded new members inducted into the international society that evening.
Awards in several “best of” categories were also presented—including the ceremonial red bandanas to seniors, indicating their willingness to be “troupers” throughout their run of shows at Hamden Hall.
Click here to enjoy highlights of the evening.

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