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Keith Meyerson, Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps

Marilyn Hewitt
Keith Meyerson 1982, served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1983 to 1988, serving in Okinawa, California, and Japan. Having obtained specialties as Intelligence Analyst, Water Survival Instructor, and Aerial Gunner, he was the Marine Corps Intelligence representative to the Central American Joint Intelligence Team at the Pentagon during the Iran/Contra hearings. His rank when he left service was Sergeant. 

Says Keith, "The most memorable tie to HHCDS was when I was in an operation having to triangulate the enemy’s position. Knowing my position, the listening post’s position and the emission of the enemy’s radio transmission, I was able to accurately locate the enemy force and relay the intelligence to friendly forces in the area. My thought at the time was if Mrs. Bratt had provided me that specific example of when in the world I would EVER need to understand the angles and math required for triangulation I may have been more interested and paid better attention in her math classes!!" Semper Fi!


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