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The Kramer Family

The Kramer family of Milford has been associated with the Hamden Hall community for more than a decade when the first of the family’s three children enrolled in the Middle School.

“I was looking for a school with a strong sense of community, where children would be recognized as individuals with unique strengths (and weaknesses!) and where teachers would know these strengths and motivate them to be the best they could be,” said Michele Kramer, who, along with her husband, Dr. Clifford Kramer, zeroed in on Hamden Hall as the pinnacle of that objective.

That feeling of community, which is alluded to so often in conjunction with the Hamden Hall name, along with a conversation with Academic Dean Susan Gonnelly, solidified their decision.

So in 2002, Dylan Kramer joined the ranks of the seventh-grade class. He graduated in 2008 and went on to St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where he studied business and international studies.

Two years later, in 2004, brother Matthew Kramer entered the Middle School. According to Mom, Matthew had the “clearest idea” at the high school level regarding his course of study.

“Matthew was able to get the advanced math and physics that he needed. He can now state unequivocally that he was prepared for his tough engineering classes in college,” said Michele.

Matthew is now a senior at Lafayette University where he is pursuing a dual degree in international studies and mechanical engineering.

The youngest of the Kramer brood, Claire, is currently a senior at Hamden Hall. And like most of our students, Claire is seemingly involved in everything – she’s the Senior Class secretary; editor of FACES, the school’s literary magazine; editor of The Advent; and co-president of Interact, the school’s Rotary Club-sponsored community service youth group.

“These activities are part of me – they are what I feel I need to do during a typical school week because they represent different aspects of my personality: supporting my class, writing poetry, writing about world news, and participating in community service,” explained Claire.

Claire serves as captain of the soccer and dance teams and will be playing lacrosse again in the spring. She is also a Peer Leader.

“Although it is early in the year, so far I feel that I have really connected with my freshman Peer Group and that is special to me because I want to build lasting relationships with these ninth-graders,” she said.

The Kramer family as a whole cited Homecoming as a favored school tradition – the annual fall weekend that attracts families past and present to the Skiff Street Athletic Complex to enjoy various athletic events and, perhaps most importantly, a spirited camaraderie among Hornets tried and true!

“My favorite memory was when the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team beat Hopkins on Homecoming of my freshman year. Even though I don’t think I played that day, I felt full of emotion that all the girls were feeling after the win. It was my first sense of what sports and school spirit meant to Hamden Hall. Teachers were on the field almost quicker than some of our parents, hugging the team and offering congratulations,” recalled Claire.

Michele noted the fact that many recent Hamden Hall graduates return to their alma mater during Homecoming weekend to lend support and goodwill.

Claire adds that her favorite memory is indicative of the overall Hamden Hall climate. “Even though you aren’t directly involved in a win or a successful project at Hamden Hall, you still feel a surge of pride for your school.”

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