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Grade 5 Catapults into STEM Learning Project

There are few things as inherently exciting as when things are flying through the air. Fifth-grade students took on that challenge as they constructed catapults in a hands-on learning project.

In class with Lower School science teacher Emily Davies, the students have been learning about physics and engineering principles with specific terminology including trajectory, motion, accuracy, and technology. For the project, each student constructed and designed their own catapult using wooden popsicle sticks, rubber bands of different sizes, and a plastic spoon or bottle cap for the launcher. 

Once complete, Mrs. Davies notified the class that testing would take place - using cotton balls! One-by-one, students placed their catapults on the empty table and with a cotton ball in the launching pad, pushed down on the spoon or bottle cap to let it fly. Each student received two attempts to see how far the catapult launched the object.

“The activity got students thinking about what design and structure is best for the farthest launch,” said Mrs. Davies. “They were most excited for the testing portion of the activity as it became quite the competition.”

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