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Class of 2015 Alumnus Gives the Elderly a Boost

Class of 2015 alumnus Jeremy Bronen is using his mechanical engineering degree and entrepreneurial spirit to help the elderly and disabled with the launch of the patent-pending toilet lift assist through the company SedMed.

The pivotal technological device is the first product of SedMed, a company co-founded by Jeremy and his partner/co-founder Timothy Krupski in 2021. The two met during Jeremy’s senior year of college when Tim sponsored his senior design project, a toilet lift. The product concept blossomed with the intention of helping the elderly and disabled be able to use the bathroom without risk of injury.

“The inspiration for the product is rooted back to Tim’s grandmother,” said Jeremy. She suffered a stroke and became wheelchair-bound when he was in high school. After watching her struggle getting on and off surfaces around the house, he realized he needed to help.”
Using his engineering knowledge and background skills in problem solving and product design and development, Jeremy took on the role of project lead as the two worked together finalizing the product concept and shopping it around in gambit of entrepreneurship programs and competitions throughout Connecticut. Gaining a strong network from the programs, they were able to launch the company into its current fundraising and manufacturing phase.
“This company and this product were founded on the principle of caring for and helping the people we love – our families,” said Jeremy. “My family and friends helped me to recognize the opportunity in front of me and seize it. To be able to help people as a career is a big motivator for why I get up in the morning.”

Jeremy credits the dynamic educational experience of Hamden Hall for providing direct access to math and physics programs that influenced him to continue on the path towards mechanical engineering. Furthermore, it provided him with a great starting network, he said.

Jeremy graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Prior to launching SedMed, he worked at three other start-up companies. He currently lives in Milford, Conn., and plans to continue working with Tim to advance the product to the public market.

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