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Head of School Announces Anti-Racism Committee

Head of School Bob Izzo has announced a new Board of Trustee Education Subcommittee on Anti-Racism. Mr. Izzo stated that since the beginning of the summer he has had several meetings regarding the school’s work with respect to anti-racism with Dr. Lisa Hill, Director of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity, administrator Krysi Crimley, trustees Bayo Afolalu, Laurie Ann Letizia, Phyllis Pari, and Board of Trustee President Joyce Lujic. All agreed that a larger committee that includes trustees, faculty, administrators, and some parents would serve the school well going forward. Trustees Bayo Afolalu and Laurie Ann Letizia will co-chair the new subcommittee.

While the Board of Trustee Education Committee reviews programs and curricular issues and assesses the school’s overall academic performance at the broadest level, the anti-racism subcommittee, also serving in an oversight capacity, will concentrate on issues related to anti-racism, inclusion, and equity. The committee’s focus will include overseeing a curriculum audit to ensure it reflects a wide representation of people, ideas, and experiences. The equity and inclusion component of the committee’s work will help strengthen our school community by evaluating any unequal circumstance in school life matters and will work to promote an environment that instills a sense of belonging for every member of the school community.

Members of the 2020-2021 Anti-Racism Committee Subcommittee:

Dr. Bayo Afolalu, Co-Chair
Laurie Ann Letizia, Co-Chair
Helen Barnstable, Co-Director of Upper School - Director of Curriculum and Teaching
Kathy Beck, Hamden Hall parent
Lorri Carroll, Director of Lower School
Stacy Cartier, Hamden Hall parent  
Brian Christman, Director of Middle School
Krysi Crimley, Associate Dean of Students – Student Equity Advocate
Crystal Feimster, Ph.D., Hamden Hall parent
John Greenawalt, Dean of Students
Yasmin Haque, Chair, World Language Department
Lisa Hill, Ph.D., Director of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity 
Nancy Hill, Hamden Hall parent
Yuhong Huo, Trustee
Bob Izzo, Head of School
Keith Kaliszewski, Director of Enrollment Management 
Joyce Lujic, President, Board of Trustees
Phyllis Pari, Trustee 
Kim Porto, Co-Director of Upper School

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