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New Members Inducted Into Rho Kappa National Honor Society

A virtual induction ceremony installed 13 new members into Hamden Hall’s chapter of the Rho Kappa National Honor Society.

Dr. Lisa Hill, advisor for the history and social studies society, noted that the May 7 event via Zoom was the third installation of members in as many years.

“As members of this organization, you must continue to be mindful of the importance of human interaction and the important histories therein,” Dr. Hill told the 2020 inductees.

New members include: juniors Aidan Armstrong, Athena Cummings, Madeleine Gollaher, Luke Letizia, Andrew Neubauer, Nicholas Perkins, Emma Rodrigues, Cameron Saidock, Amandine Sime, Joseph Tenedine, and Xuzhu “Ruth” Wang; and sophomores Joshua Tenedine and Lucy Xu.

Also on hand for the ceremony were Head of School Bob Izzo and administrators Helen Barnstable and John Greenawalt.

“Students: today you are being recognized as leaders – as change makers. Each one of you is different. You have different strengths. I encourage you to use your strengths to lead and inspire others,” said Mr. Izzo during the ceremony.

Dr. Hill noted that the selection process for membership into Rho Kappa is “rather detailed” but well worth it because participating students are future leaders who are engaged with the organization and the Hamden Hall school community.

“I am very proud of how this society has taken shape and has continued to produce thoughtful, historically focused projects,” she said. “The students are wonderful to work with, and I believe each year they exceed the accomplishments of the group before. I absolutely love them and feel very blessed to advise this group of dynamic young people.”

Mr. Izzo also recognized Hamden Hall’s History Department during the event.

“I also want to acknowledge Dr. Hill and the entire History Department for their work – not only in the selection process for this year’s induction ceremony – but for the work they do throughout the year. We have a terrific History Department, and I am proud of every member,” he said.

Elections for officers for the 2020-2021 school year took place on the day after the ceremony: President – Josh Mukherjee; Vice President – Spencer McCleery; Secretary – Lucy Xu; Treasurer – Nathaniel Thomas; Parliamentarian – Madeleine Gollaher; Public Relations Co-Chairs –Prottoya Chowdhury and Amandine Sime; Activities Chair – Andrew Neubauer; Membership Chair – Cameron Saidock; and Book Club Chair – Ruth Wang.

Rho Kappa is taken from two words of Semitic origin: Rho is derived from “resh” meaning “head.” Kappa is derived from “kapf,” which means “palm of the hand.” According to the Rho Kappa organization, the two terms symbolize the belief that “knowledge without service is useless.”

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