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Dual MD-MPH Program Candidate - Daniel Reynolds 2013

With the ever-changing landscape of medicine and its advancement, Class of 2013 alumnus Daniel Reynolds has chosen to continue his educational journey at State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University in the dual Doctor of Medicine - Master of Public Health (MD-MPH) program. He hopes to graduate with the Class of 2025.

With a keen interest in critical care and pain management, Daniel has chosen anesthesiology as his specialty because he said he realized how incredibly important it is to be part of a cohesive community dedicated to patient care, especially during delicate surgeries.

“As an anesthesiologist, I saw the importance of working with a team to ensure that the patient remains as comfortable as possible during their surgery,” said Daniel. “Additionally, in critical moments, it is also important that an anesthesiologist can compassionately connect with their patient in a short amount of time.”

Daniel graduated from Connecticut College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology with concentration in cellular and molecular biology. He went on to obtain his master’s degree in public health from SUNY Upstate Medical University in 2021 and is now pursuing his doctorate.

In addition to his educational pursuits, Daniel participated in the Kaiser Introduction to Integrated Healthcare (IIHC) Program. He also served as team supervisor for the New York State COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Community Support Specialists Initiative at the Public Consulting Group in 2020 before transitioning to Deputy Manager, Southern Tier. He earned the Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award from the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD.

Daniel credits Hamden Hall for providing a strong educational foundation as he was able to refine his skills and knowledge through an array of classes including anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and environmental science. Furthermore, Hamden Hall equipped him with the tools necessary to succeed and allowed him to explore different subject areas within science that helped to further ignite his passion for medicine and be accepted into a dual MD-MPH program.

As Daniel continues his medical journey, he said he’s thrilled to see the growth within himself as he has become more confident in both his ability to connect with patients and his role as a leader and team member.

“It has been fulfilling to reflect on the strengths that I embody now compared to who I was walking into medical school as a first-year student,” said Daniel. “When I began medical school, I only had a vision of what type of physician I wanted to be. Now, I see the embodiment of my vision every day. I am more confident in my ability to connect with my patients as well as create a treatment plan that allows me to assist in their healing.”

Currently, Daniel lives in Syracuse, N.Y., and enjoys spending time outdoors and partaking in different activities including skiing in the winter months and playing soccer on a club team with other medical students, residents, and attending physicians he has met through school/work. He also mentors in his free time and most recently volunteered for MEDS, a program that allowed him to teach high school students in Syracuse lessons in anatomy and physiology. 

“It is great to inspire the next generation of healthcare providers,” said Daniel.

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