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Hands-on CPR and First Aid Training Offers Life-Saving Lessons to Students

Learning emergency saving techniques to help those in need creates a community that cares, and Upper School students in our Anatomy and Physiology class spent the morning learning CPR and First Aid skills with the option of becoming certified.
The training took place at our Beckerman Athletic Center, and prior to the hands-on instruction, students in Troy Zinck’s class discussed an overview of various emergency situations. Topics included drowning, choking, and immediate accidents, and discussion centered on understanding the correct steps to help in any type of situation.
“CPR and First Aid training is incredibly beneficial to everyone as accidents happen daily,” commented Mr. Zinck. “It is vital to understand life-saving techniques for any type of situation, and all of these skills are transferable to jobs and other activities.”
The hands-on training focused on a series of emergency-saving techniques including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), how to use a tourniquet, the Heimlich maneuver, and the proper way to help someone who is choking. Stations were set up for groups of students to practice the various methods, which were demonstrated by Athletic Trainer Emily Novitski. Mannequins representing both an adult and an infant allowed the trainees to simulate the life-saving techniques.
“Today’s demonstration was highly informative and a form of pre-training as I would like to go into nursing as a career,” said junior Rachel Danishevsky. “I feel much more capable and confident of helping someone in need now more than I did before the training.”
Following the practice stations, Emily tested the students on their knowledge by narrating different real-life emergency situations with select groups called upon to demonstrate the necessary techniques. As a result of this training, students now have the option of becoming certified.
    • Three Upper School students practice CPR on a mannequin in a series of hands-on tasks.

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