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Seniors Surprised With Lawn Sign Visits

Seniors in our Class of 2020 were surprised last week to see a yellow Hamden Hall school bus pull up outside of their homes. To their further surprise, off stepped Academic Dean Kim Porto bearing a lawn sign with the student’s name and photo. Bus driver John Fabrizio, also known as “Fab,” our Director of Transportation, clapped and cheered in the background for each graduate.

In all, the Hamden Hall school bus traveled about 300 miles traversing the state’s highways and byways to make its way to each senior’s home. For seniors like Alexandra Delfini, the effort was much appreciated and well-received.

“A huge shoutout to Mrs. Porto and Johnny Fab! Everyone in the Hamden Hall community is incredibly lucky to have a staff that cares so much for all of us,” she wrote in an email to the Hamden Hall community.

According to Mrs. Porto, the entire excursion took five days. Once at each home, Mrs. Porto took a selfie with the student and the lawn sign.

“A huge thank you to Fab for mapping out the best route so we could get to all the seniors. He was a great driver and found each and every house without ever getting lost. It was so great to see everyone in person when we delivered the signs. I loved being able to see the students in their home environment. This group of seniors has handled this situation so well,” she said.

In mapping out each day’s route, Fab said he pretty much followed the school’s regular bus routes and cordoned off sections of the state. The town of Hamden took one day while the shoreline took another. Each day Mrs. Porto and Fab would board the bus at 9 a.m. and spend about three-and-a-half hours making their visits.

“I thought it was a great thing to do. The students were really excited to get their signs, and the looks on their faces were priceless. When the students came out the door they were greeted with a big cheer and clapping. All the parents were super excited as well,” said Fab.

Fab also said he coordinated the signs to be in the exact order of drop-off to better streamline the process. Parents were aware of the visit and delivery but students were not – thus adding to the overall excitement.
“The kids were so excited because they didn’t expect us. I yelled and clapped for each one,” he maintained.

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