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Art Project Inspires 'Whirled Peace'

There’s nothing more peaceful than a colorful pinwheel spinning in the wind, especially when they’re handmade and come with a lesson on “whirled peace.”

Kindergarten through Grade 6 students participated in the global project Pinwheels for Peace in celebration of the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21. The initiative resonated with Lower school art teacher Sue Bennett 1973 who called the project “another way that art can be used for very meaningful purposes.”

“This Pinwheels for Peace project is a collaborative, artistic, outdoor installation displaying our unique artistic efforts here at Hamden Hall. Our pinwheels are now catching the wind outside the Lower School Art Cottage and represent our school's contribution in helping to encourage ‘whirled peace,’” said Mrs. Bennett.

The young artists used crayons and light-weight paper (so they can blow in the wind) to create their spinning wonders. In addition, the students learned the meaning behind the project, which was aimed at making a public visual statement about feelings regarding war, peace, bullying, tolerance, cooperation, harmony, and unity.

“The project was quite impressive and meaningful for all ages,” said Mrs. Bennett. “Knowing this was being done in other parts of the world, to me, makes it even more powerful.”

In addition, Mrs. Bennett noted that the project coincides with the character education that is taught and practiced in Hamden Hall’s classrooms.

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