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  • November

    Instructor Laura Collins working with a student on the Cambridge Latin Course platform.

    Latin Students Test the Newest Digital Learning Platform

    Middle and Upper School Latin students took learning into their own hands as they had the opportunity to participate in a demo workshop testing the new online component of the Cambridge Latin Course. The course will be part of the 6th edition package that will launch in 2024.
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  • Eighth-grade students in  teacher Jill McLeavy’s Spanish class enjoying the food party.

    Middle School Spanish Class Takes Food Unit to Kitchen

    The third floor of the Whitson Building was filled with the aroma of cultural foods as eighth-grade students in teacher Jill McLeavy’s Spanish class spiced up the conclusion of their unit of study with a food party.
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  • Middle School Director Brian Christman judging the maze competition.

    It’s All Ah-Mazing: The Marvelous Marble Maze Challenge

    Middle School students put their engineering and design skills to the test in their latest hands-on learning project as they tinkered away in the MakerSpace Design Lab to create handheld marble mazes for an in-class competition.
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  • October

    Middle School students partaking in Color Wars dress down day.

    Homecoming 2023: Hornet Pride All Around the Hive

    Once a Hornet, always a Hornet! The Hamden Hall Community celebrated Homecoming 2023 with two full days of activities and athletic games on both our Whitney Avenue and Skiff Street campuses.
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  • Students taking the pledge and signing the No Place for Hate banner.

    Promoting Kindness Under the Pines

    The Hamden Hall community kicked off its ongoing commitment to being a kind and respectful environment for all with myriad educational activities and a school-wide pledge commitment and banner signing as part of the No Place for Hate program.
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  • Middle School students will learn about Digital Citizenship and Literacy in their advisor groups.

    Cyber Civics: Middle School Students Become Informed Digital Citizens

    To assist Middle School students in developing responsible online behavior, new instruction called Digital Citizenship and Literacy will be implemented into advisory groups this fall.
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  • June

    The eight student finalists with teachers David Sokoloff and Bud Kohler.

    Grade 8 Capstone Project Spotlights Global Human Rights Issues

    Calls to action and the echoes of thought-provoking dialogue regarding global human rights issues could be heard throughout the Taylor Performing Arts Center as the eight students took the stage to deliver their final declamation speeches. The speeches serve as the year-end capstone project for history classes with teachers Bud Kohler and David Sokoloff.
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  • May

    A group of Middle School students enjoying the Cultural Food assembly.

    Middle Schoolers Cook Up International Cuisine and Explore Culture

    Food builds bridges and has the power to bring people and cultures together. That was the case as seventh- and eighth-grade students came together in Lender Refectory to celebrate culinary diversity and enjoy a huge buffet of delights during the recent Cultural Food Assembly.
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  • A small group of students bringing their letters to the post office for delivery.

    Mock UN Summit: Student Delegates Tackle Global Issues

    Eighth-grade students didn’t have to travel to the United Nations to speak on public policy decisions regarding climate and transportation; all they had to do was visit history teacher David Sokoloff’s classroom in the Whitson Building. Once there, they heard and delivered presentations and penned open letters to UN ambassadors to advocate for the adoption of electric vehicles and resolutions to update climate change pledges.
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  • Veni, Vidi, Vici: Students Attend Latin Day

    It was a sea of colorful togas and tunics as Latin students in Grades 7-12 were high in spirit as they spent the day at Holiday Hill for Connecticut State Latin Day, an immersive event where students from all over the state participate in activities and presentations inspired by the classics.
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  • April

    The French exchange students with Head of School Bob Izzo and World Language Chair Yasmin Haque.

    French Exchange Students Say Bonjour with Campus Visit

    It was a week of cultural immersion, global learning, and conversation as nine Middle and Upper School students from the French B and French 2 classes hosted a small group of French exchange students from a private school near Lyon, France.
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  • A small group of eighth-grade students working to clean up The Quinnipiac River.

    Preserving Reserves with Middle School

    Middle School students partook in an off-site outdoor and nature conservation trip as they spent the day working to maintain Connecticut’s nature landscapes by lending helping hands and supporting two organizations, Greater New Haven and The Quinnipiac River Watershed Association (QRWA). The initiative was part of the Middle School’s annual Earth Day observation and was planned and organized by the efforts of teachers Paulomi Aldo and Aidan Clark-Long.
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  • The Mosaic Wall Mural created by Middle and Upper School Latin students.

    Latin Students Commission Herculean Mosaic Art Mural

    Room 15 on the bottom floor of the Whitson Building is home to art and history as Middle and Upper School Latin Students brought scenes from the myth of Hercules to life through the creation of a colorfully painted 20-foot long wall mural.
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  • Eighth-grade students Lily Evans and Alessandra Sticca showing off their custom handheld marble maze.

    Going Marbles for STEM Hands-on Learning Project

    Do you remember the excitement of dropping a marble into a maze and watching it roll, spin, and finally land at the bottom of your track? Middle School students put that excitement into their latest hands-on learning project as they tinkered away in the MakerSpace Design Lab to create handheld marble mazes for an in-class competition.
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  • March

    The eight Middle School students who submitted projects to the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair.

    Middle School SID Program Welcomes Inquisitive Thinkers

    Science is a field of study with many roads. All roads have one common thread - an inquisitive mind, which is a key foundation skill for a budding scientist. Middle School students now have the opportunity to think like young scientists and engineers with the expansion of the Hamden Hall Signature Program, Science, Innovation, & Design.
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  • February

    The finished Hive on the second floor of the Whitson Building.

    “You Bee You” Art Project Buzzes onto Campus

    What traits and characteristics make us unique? How do we celebrate individuality? Those are the questions the Hamden Hall community was asked to ponder as all three school divisions came together to create a collage full of colorful Hornets that are now affixed to hives around campus. This project served as the second activity for the ongoing No Place for Hate campaign. 
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  • Seventh-grader Chloe Carling reading her opening statement to the class in the mock trial presentation.

    Of Mice and Men Comes to Life in the Classroom

    Classroom 35 on the third floor of the Whitson Building bustled with district and defense attorneys, character witnesses, reporters, jury members, and a judge as seventh-grade students brought author John Steinback’s book, Of Mice and Men, to life in a mock trial presentation.
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  • January

    Middle School students performing the traditional Dragon and Line dance.

    Lunar New Year Celebrations Under the Pines

    January 22 marked the start of Lunar New Year, a multi-day celebration that signals the arrival of spring in many Asian cultures. From classroom activities and projects, to art shows and assemblies, all three divisions are taking part in celebrating and learning more about the holiday and its traditions.
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  • Middle School Director Brian Christman and five students serving the meal at the Columbus House Overflow Shelter.

    Student-Led Stewardship Builds Community Connections

    The power of giving back to those in need is deeply rooted in the Hamden Hall experience and Middle School students commenced the first installment of their annual community service project, Life is Delicious. The program provides  patrons at the Columbus House Overflow Shelter in New Haven with a hot meal and community connections. This year marks the first year the students hand- served the meal since 2020.
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  • A group of eighth-grade students showing their two energy-saving model houses.

    Energy-Efficient House Design Project with Grade 8 Students

    Designing a solution to the real-world issue of excessive energy production requires understanding of different scientific methods. With Middle School Science teacher Paulomi Aldo, eighth-grade students turned their classroom unit study of thermal energy and heat transfer into a project-based learning activity and presentation.
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