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  • December

    Fourth-grade students and their families reading the personal narratives.

    Taste of Family History: Grade 4 Hosts Heritage Food and Art Show

    Families, food, and art were just a few ingredients that made up the Grade 4 Heritage Food and Art Show as students and teachers Emily Schimelman 2002 and Stephanie Riedel hosted the culminating event of the classes’ Immigration Unit.
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  • November

    Grade 3 students hold their hand-written notes that were delivered to the Whitney Center with The Poppy Project artwork behind them.

    Honoring Veterans Day Under the Pines

    The Hamden Hall Community gives thanks and offers a special salute to all who have served and continue to serve our country. While school was not in session for Veterans Day, the week prior had been filled with discussions, art projects, and activities around campus.
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  • October

    Lower School students enjoying Homecoming festivities.

    Homecoming 2023: Hornet Pride All Around the Hive

    Once a Hornet, always a Hornet! The Hamden Hall Community celebrated Homecoming 2023 with two full days of activities and athletic games on both our Whitney Avenue and Skiff Street campuses.
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  • Kindergarten students ready on stage for the Fall performance.

    Kindergartners Boogie Woogie For Fun Fall Performance

    Kindergarten students got into the spooky season spirit as they donned graphic purple, green, and orange shirts with spider webs, witches hats, pumpkins, and ghosts for a fall performance in the Taylor Arts Performing Center for families and their fifth-grade buddies.
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  • A group of sixth-grade students observing what they collected in the stream.

    Grade 6 Explores Hidden World of Stream and Forest Ecosystems

    Streams hide an underwater world of organisms and ecosystems in a fantastically varied web of life and sixth-grade students put on their water shoes, grabbed their nets, and spent the afternoon exploring the waters of the Mill River in East Rock State Park for a hands-on science activity. The project focused on biodiversity sampling of stream and forest ecosystems.
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  • Lower School students filling the kindness buckets in the Lower School courtyard.

    Promoting Kindness Under the Pines

    The Hamden Hall community kicked off its ongoing commitment to being a kind and respectful environment for all with myriad educational activities and a school-wide pledge commitment and banner signing as part of the No Place for Hate program.
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  • Grade 4 students enjoying the beach as they study intertidal zone habitats.

    Shoreline Exploration with Grade 4

    Sunny skies and the East Haven shoreline welcomed our fourth-graders as they explored the intertidal zone habitat at the beach home of Board of Trustees President Andrew Acquarulo and his wife Pam Acquarulo.
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  • June

    The sixth-grade class received their diplomas during their graduation ceremony.

    Sixth-Grade Students Bid Farewell to Lower School

    The Taylor Performing Arts Center was full of joy and feelings of nostalgia as the current 28 sixth-grade students said goodbye to their Lower School journey during a graduation ceremony in their honor.
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  • May

    Fifth-grade student Nunu Fu teaching visitors about Rosa Parks at the Changemaker Museum.

    Agents of Change: Grade 5 Students Curate Living Museum

    Learning and studying history went beyond the classroom as fifth-grade students took on the personas of different historical figures who were known as agents of change in the Changemakers Living Museum presentation for parents and guests in the Lender Refectory.
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  • Third-grade students performing Over in the Grasslands.

    Grade 3 Performance Whisks Audience to the Grasslands

    It was a morning celebration of music, theater, and art as third-grade students performed Over in the Greenlands inspired by the book, Wutaryoo, by author Nilah Mgruder. The performance served as a cross-curricular project through the guidance of teacher Alexis Harris 2001, Lower School art teacher Sue Bennet 1973, theater teacher Lisa Daly, and music teacher Rachael Jungkeit to conclude the Grade 3 unit of study on the African Savanna grasslands.
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  • April

    Second-grade students showing off their colorfully designed paper bags in front of Whitneyville Market.

    Students Get Crafty to Celebrate Earth Day

    The Art Cottage has been bustling with Lower School students all week as each class spent time crafting art projects that honor Earth Day and raise awareness on environmental issues.
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  • Students working together to create their own Stick and Stone.

    Words Matter: The Importance of Kindness and Friendship

    “What makes a good friend?” What can you do if someone is unkind to you or a friend?” Lower School students pondered those questions as  they enjoyed a morning full of conversations and art projects with their buddies. This activity served as the final project for the No Place for Hate campaign for the school year.
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  • March

     Fifth-grade student Claire Losee with her Solar Energy project.

    The Imagination of Science Sparks Curious Minds

    It all starts with a question. What is this? How does this work? What is the hypothesis to the problem? Students in Grades 4-6 investigated those questions and turned them into answers as they put their scientific knowledge on display at the Lower School Science Fair.
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  • A small group of fifth-grade students performing The Hat by Jan Brett.

    Once Upon a Story: Fifth-Graders Extend Picture Books through Theatre

    The colorful illustrations and vivid animal imagery of children’s author Jan Brett came to life as fifth-grade students celebrated Read Across America Day by turning her stories of The Hat, Cozy, and The Mitten into a live theater performance in Swain Library.
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  • February

    A Kindergarten student showing off his Hornet.

    “You Bee You” Art Project Buzzes onto Campus

    What traits and characteristics make us unique? How do we celebrate individuality? Those are the questions the Hamden Hall community was asked to ponder as all three school divisions came together to create a collage full of colorful Hornets that are now affixed to hives around campus. This project served as the second activity for the ongoing No Place for Hate campaign.  
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  • Grade 1 students and teachers Beth Messina and Rebecca Godinez following the performance.

    The Tale of the Chinese Zodiac: Animated Performance and Art Showcase with Grade 1

    The origin of how the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac were selected came to life as first-grade students performed The Animal's Race: A Play About the Chinese Zodiac for parents and students in the Taylor Performing Arts Center with an art showcase reception following.
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  • Guest speaker Dr. Hashini Mohottala showing the fifth-grade students how magnets affect iron.

    Magnetic Force Pulls Students into Classroom Presentation

    Playing with magnets is one of the earliest scientific discoveries children can unearth. Lower School science teacher Steve Jewett incorporated that “aha moment” into his classroom lesson as fifth-grade students have become immersed in the world of magnetism.
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  • January

    Kindergarten students with the help of seventh-grader Vivian Martin working on Chinese calligraphy.

    Lunar New Year Celebrations Under the Pines

    January 22 marked the start of Lunar New Year, a multi-day celebration that signals the arrival of spring in many Asian cultures. From classroom activities and projects, to art shows and assemblies, all three divisions are taking part in celebrating and learning more about the holiday and its traditions.
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  • Grade 6 students buying items from the pop-up shop.

    Math for Money: Students Earn Shopping Rewards for Problem Solving

    Sixth-graders got the chance to earn money and shop for gifts in a fun classroom activity called “Calandrelli Cash,” as led by and named after Grade 6 teacher Andrea Calandrelli. Besides being fun, the activity allowed students to hone their math skills.
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