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  • The Afolalu Family: Dr. Bayo Afolalu, Dr. Abisola Afolalu, Timi and Tami Afolalu.

    The Afolalu Family

    From the location of the campus to the inviting classrooms and nurturing environment, Dr. Abisola Afolalu was hooked on her first visit to Hamden Hall.
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  • The Vingiano Family

    Hamden Hall loves its traditions. We’ve been cultivating some of them, such as the Valentine’s Bake Sale, since 1942!
    A more recent tradition that has taken hold in our Lower School was established by the Vingiano family nearly a decade ago. The Rose Ceremony was a way to thank then-kindergartner Ava Vingiano’s teachers for the “wonderful job they do,” according to mom Laurie Vingiano.
    “Beginning in Kindergarten, our family began a tradition with Ava’s class every year on the last day of school. Our secret tradition only became known during Ava’s sixth-grade graduation,” explained Laurie...
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  • The Letizia Family

    With education a “top priority” in the Letizia family, John and Laurie Ann opted for the Hamden Hall Experience for all three of their children. 

    “Sending our children here from the early age of Kindergarten has been the best decision we could have made,” maintained Laurie Ann, who immediately committed to her children’s new school community.
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  • The Weiss Family

    Like many of our families, Pnina and Alan Weiss first learned about Hamden Hall through friends whose children had attended the school. Checking it out for themselves, the Weisses soon discovered the many benefits inherent in a Hamden Hall education.

    “We were drawn by the nurturing atmosphere with small classes and individual attention to the students,” maintained Dr. Pnina Weiss, a pediatric pulmonologist at Yale. Her husband, Alan, is the president and founder of Regent Wealth Management Group in Woodbridge.
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  • The Sapiente children: Ashley, Spencer and Joseph 2013.

    The Sapiente Family

    From their first jaunt onto campus nearly a decade ago, Joe and Kathy Sapiente experienced a palpable connection with the Hamden Hall school community and its members.

    They knew they had found the right learning environment for their three children and that the entire family had become part of something much more than just a school.

    “Anyone who knows anything about Hamden Hall always mentions its community. When you first walk on this campus, you feel it. You see it in the faces of the students and faculty as they walk from building to building. You experience it during sporting events and activities. When we first stepped foot on the campus in 2007 we sensed it, we saw it, we felt it, and we knew we wanted more of it,” said family patriarch Joseph R. Sapiente.

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  • The Kramer Family

    The Kramer family of Milford has been associated with the Hamden Hall community for more than a decade when the first of the family’s three children enrolled in the Middle School.

    “I was looking for a school with a strong sense of community, where children would be recognized as individuals with unique strengths (and weaknesses!) and where teachers would know these strengths and motivate them to be the best they could be,” said Michele Kramer, who, along with her husband, Dr. Clifford Kramer, zeroed in on Hamden Hall as the pinnacle of that objective.
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  • The Johns Family

    Pictured, from left, Dr. Keith Johns, Kevin Johns 2016, Ms. Kyle Ballou-Johns, and Keith Johns 2011.

    "Many times we have told our children and others, one of the only things that you can attain in life that will never be taken from you is your education. We feel strongly that the best use of our time, effort and finances is to get the best education possible for our children. Hamden Hall proved to be the best place for both of them to achieve that goal. Not only is the education excellent, the nurturing environment is more than we had anticipated."
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  • The Shiller Family

    Pictured, from left, Derek 2004, Virginia, Dr. Robert Shiller, Benjamin 2000.

    "We chose Hamden Hall for our two sons’ high school education because we valued the school’s respect for each child’s individual learning style as well as the small teacher-student ratio. As a psychologist, I liked the fact that Hamden Hall offered challenge without creating a pressure-cooker environment. Despite my sons’ very different personalities (Ben’s passion was soccer and other sports, and Derek’s was the Academic Decathalon team), both boys found a comfortable niche for themselves. And, despite Derek having no love for sports when he entered Hamden Hall, he did end up co-captain of the Cross Country team." - Virginia Shiller
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  • Chris Kuselias 1980

    Alumnus and Parent Chris Kuselias 1980

    Chris Kuselias 1980 and his wife, Susan, have three children enrolled at Hamden Hall: Alana 2017, CJ 2018, and Olivia 2022.

    "Hamden Hall has a long-standing, impressive academic record and with the opening of the Beckerman Athletic Center, a world-class athletic facility. While important, our family feels it is the culture of community that truly distinguishes the school. Every day when we drop our kids off, there is a warm, comfortable feeling that they will be nurtured, empowered, and cared for...that is priceless." - Chris Kuselias 1980
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  • Parent Joe Tessitore

    John and his wife, Rebecca, are the parents of John 2018 and Nicolina 2021.

    "The parental axiom my wife and I often quote is, 'Children will live up to your expectations for them.' At Hamden Hall, we found like-minded parents and teachers. We also found children who do live up to those expectations.

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