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Benjamin Fried, Captain, U.S. Air Force

Captain Benjamin Fried, Class of 2009, serves in the U.S. Air Force at the Air Force research labs in Albuquerque, N.M., doing research into laser effects on satellites, as well as using ground-based telescopes to identify objects in LEO and GEO.

Formerly, he was a launch vehicle engineer for the Atlas V space-lift vehicle providing mission assurance, technical assessments, and risk management for the Evolved, Expendable Launch Vehicle program. He was involved in the success of two National Reconnaissance Office intelligence satellites, a weather satellite, and a commercial imagery satellite (the one from which Google Earth gets its images).

Ben shared these thoughts. "On a daily basis, I exercise the fundamental math and science skills that I learned in my Hamden Hall days. Learning from top notch teachers like Doc Gasparro and Bruce Zundell certainly helped me excel in the position I hold now."

Ben is the brother of Simona Fried 2012.

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