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Summer Academy

Middle School Courses

Summer Academy for Middle School Classes will run July 3 - 28, 2023. We are closed Tuesday, July 4. 

Registration opens on March 3, 2023 at noon. Some classes may be added.

At Hamden Hall Country Day School, our hallmark is our family-like environment. Hamden Hall's Middle School Summer Academy courses set the class size small so that teachers can get to know their students in order to nurture and challenge each child with individualized instruction. Middle School courses are designed for students entering grades 7 and 8. Our week-long courses also serve rising ninth graders.

Hamden Hall's Middle School Summer Academy courses can help students get ahead, mitigate summer learning loss, or focus on particular areas of a student weakness.
Our classes will run from July 3 - 28. Click on a course link to be taken to its corresponding course description.  

We will also offer week long specialty classes, which will run from 9a-noon each day.

Click on the Summer Academy Application to register.

Have a question? Contact Allison Ehrenreich at

Session 1: July 3 - 14
Session 2: July 17 - 28
Time Middle School Level Upper School Level
9a - 11a Fundamentals of English I
(offered Sessions 1 & 2)
Fundamentals of English II
(offered Sessions 1 & 2)
11a - 12p Pre-Algebra Preview (offered Session 1) Geometry Preview
(offered Session 2)

If interested in Spanish, French, or Latin preview/review courses, please contact Allison Ehrenreich at

Tuition: $475
Grades 7-8

This is an English skills review course which covers critical reading and writing skills. Students will read, discuss, and analyze the literature. We will also learn to develop strong thesis statements, outline an essay, and construct a strong five-paragraph essay using textual evidence. Grammar and vocabulary will also be reviewed.

Strongly recommended for students new to Hamden Hall.
Suitable for English language learners who have a basic understanding of English.

Tuition: $250
Grades 7-9 

Students will preview/review number facts, arithmetic operations, operating with whole numbers, decimals, fractions and percents, factoring integers, solving equations by replacement, and graphing the number line. 

Week Long Enrichment Courses

Figure Drawing
July 10-14, 9:00-12:00
In this class we will be focusing on drawing on the human figure. Come brush up or build your drawing and painting skills while learning how to draw people, including a focus on faces, hands, and full figures in still and action poses, focusing on things like composition, balance, value, and texture.
July 17-21, 9:00-12:00
Come create 3D masterpieces and get a taste of a few of different Sculpture mediums. You will spend time working with materials like clay, Styrofoam, wire, cardboard, and materials found in nature to build amazing pieces of art.
Consumer 101
Offered July 17 -21 and July 24-28
Students who take Consumer 101 will learn to navigate real world math as a consumer. They will gain exposure to the foundation needed to perform tasks such as calculating change at a cash register and using percentages to figure out markup, discount, tax, and tips.  Throughout the week, students will learn processes to solve an array of problems alongside tricks to estimate solutions mentally, so that they are able to perform quick calculations with confidence.

Offered July 17 -21 and July 24-28
Wellness is all about taking care of you. It’s about how we can fuel our bodies, minds, and hearts in order to feel our best. This week, we will talk about all the ways we can take care of ourselves and be well! This elective will focus on three areas: Wellness of the Mind, Wellness of the Body, and Wellness of the Heart. You’ll find that each impacts the other, and we’ll talk about ways we can take care of our whole selves. Get ready for a week filled with games, learning, and summer-fun activities!

Jewelry Design and Textiles
July 24 - 28, 9:00-12:00
Learn how to create beautiful jewelry and wall hangings with a few simple knots and beadwork. You will also get to work with materials like metal, leather, and epoxy pouring to make a variety of jewelry pieces

Lab Science Exploration
July 24 - 28, 9:00 - 12:00
Students will get an opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills through executing hands-on science experiments. This week-long course will reinforce the key things that make a scientist- collaboration and curiosity. Students will touch upon many different topics such as the study of forensics, or how chemistry changes how materials behave. They will also learn simple but foundational techniques such as how to make serial dilutions and how to determine pH.

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