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Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery

Our gallery provides an additional educational experience for not only the art students but also the Hamden Hall community. Every year we showcase regional and national artists and introduce them to the Hamden Hall community. Additionally, independent study art students curate student artwork to be exhibited in the gallery.

Current Exhibition

16 Weeks Under the Pines
Colin Burke

On view in the Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery,
January 28th through March 8th is
16 Weeks Under the Pines by Colin Burke.
These images started with the pinhole cameras I had installed around campus last summer. The views depicted might be familiar. If you walked across the courtyard just outside the doors of this gallery at anytime between the end of July and mid-November 2018, you were present when these photographs were made, but you’re not seen in these images--no one is. This is due to the long,16 week exposure time.

These photographs reveal enduring and unpopulated landscapes and spaces, and, in many cases, the lines in the sky created by the paths of the sun--evidence of the passing of time. Anything temporary or fleeting, such as people, vehicles, or animals moving across the frame, either vanish completely from view or leave only a trace behind. Reminding us that our presence can either be ethereal or lasting, depending on the actions we take.

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