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Middle Schoolers Cook Up International Cuisine and Explore Culture

Food builds bridges and has the power to bring people and cultures together. That was the case as seventh- and eighth-grade students came together in Lender Refectory to celebrate culinary diversity and enjoy a huge buffet of delights during the recent Cultural Food Assembly.

Hosted by the Diversity Club with faculty advisors Allison Ehrenreich and Jose Martinez, students brought in dishes and desserts representing their heritage. The menu included, but was not limited to, sweet potato pie, rice and beans, Romanian fried dough, Chinese sticky rice, empanadas, Ethiopian injera and sauce, potato pancakes, tamales, matcha tea candy, and much more.

“With the success of the first Cultural Food Assembly last year, the students wanted to bring it back for this year’s event,” said Ms. Enrenreich. “The Diversity Club helps teach others about the many cultures that we’re seeing in our classes and community. Through the assembly, students are able to share their cultures and learn from one another all while trying new and delicious food.”

While enjoying the cuisine, students were able to walk around and read notes that were placed in front of each dish that explained the type of food, its ingredients, and the significance of the dish to a student’s culture. One student noted that he enjoyed “trying all the different foods I didn’t know about.”

“The wide array of offerings was so impressive, as many students went to great lengths to provide such delicious dishes,” said Middle School Director Brian Christman. “It was clear they took pride in the task of showcasing their heritage.”

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