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Preserving Reserves with Middle School

Middle School students partook in an off-site outdoor and nature conservation trip as they spent the day working to maintain Connecticut’s nature landscapes by lending helping hands and supporting two organizations, Greater New Haven and The Quinnipiac River Watershed Association (QRWA). The initiative was part of the Middle School’s annual Earth Day observation and was planned and organized by the efforts of teachers Paulomi Aldo and Aidan Clark-Long.

Breaking off into two groups, seventh-grade students took to cleaning up debris from the Long Wharf Nature Preserve located across from the Sound School in New Haven. With disposable garbage bags and pickers, the students got to work clearing the trails of debris and litter. Other students focused on cleaning the surrounding area by the river of any waste. The bags were brought back to the Sound School for disposal.

Over in Meriden, eighth-grade students worked on cleaning the area surrounding the headquarters of  the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association, which is adjacent to the Quinnipiac River. The students were divided into groups with designated chaperones before heading off along the property’s trails, which include the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail system. Several students worked as pickers while the others grabbed bags and disposed of garbage they found. Some students took a quick ride over to the other side of the street where Hanover Pond is located and made quick work of tidying up the area. The trip concluded with a brief history of the organization and the restoration efforts they are working on.

“We are so thrilled to have the students helping us today as part of their Earth Day,” said Co-Chair of the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association Ginny Chirsky. “It is so important for the younger generation to be both mindful and educated on the importance of conservation efforts to maintain the health and beauty of the environment as there is only one.”

Following the off-site trip, both grades returned to campus to meet with their advisory groups to discuss the day’s events.

Greater New Haven is a non-profit organization committed to protecting the environment and working to restore and preserve areas in New Haven. The Quinnipiac River Watershed Association (QRWA) is a volunteer-based organization with the goal of educating residents, businesses, and visitors on how to conserve and protect the basin.

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