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Alumnus Conducts Research in Germany

Jodi Amatulli
In 2019, Isaac Justice, Class of 2015, sent us an update (published in the Hamden Hall magazine) that he had graduated from Stanford University in May of that year with a Bachelor of Science in bioengineering where he worked with a team to develop a medical device.Isaac then headed to Dresden, Germany, to conduct research in synthetic biology at a lab associated with Technische Universität Dresden. Isaac plans to eventually earn a Ph.D. in bioengineering.
Isaac now reports the team moved forward with the device and ended up winning a prize in a national biodesign competition! "We now have a provisional patent on the device, and are looking to begin clinical trials," he said. To read more visit http://biodesign.stanford.edu/our-impact/stories/patient-centric-approach-helps-bioengineering-students-simplify-self-catheterization.html) (https://venturewell.org/nih-venturewell-announce-winners-debut-challenge/
In his undergraduage years, Isaac also worked in a synthetic biology lab on a project related to trying to control evolution. "We developed an alternative mapping of the genetic code that caused mutations to be highly deleterious to organisms. Our research was recently published in a high impact journal," he said. Read more at https://academic.oup.com/nar/article/47/19/10439/5568210

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