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“You Bee You” Art Project Buzzes onto Campus

What traits and characteristics make us unique? How do we celebrate individuality? Those are the questions the Hamden Hall community was asked to ponder as all three school divisions came together to create a collage full of colorful Hornets that are now affixed to hives around campus. This project served as the second activity for the ongoing No Place for Hate campaign.   

The collaborative, hands-on project was a collective effort between Lower School Director Lorri Carroll, Middle School Director Brian Christman, Upper School Director Kim Porto 1987, Director of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Dr. Lisa Hill, and Student Diversity Committee coordinator Krysi Crimley. The group of administrators met over the summer to discuss the programs and activities that would be included in the No Place for Hate campaign this academic year with one specifically involving all grades K–12.

“The hives visually represent how together we are all Hornets, but individually full of different strengths and abilities that makes each one of us special,” said Mrs. Carroll. “It is important to not only celebrate diversity and what makes us all unique, but work on understanding and appreciating how these differences create a sense of belonging that fosters a stronger community around us.”

Lower School students watched a read-along of the book Be You! by author Peter H. Reynold. The book takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and understanding of the importance of being you – as there is only one you. Breaking out into their buddy groups, the students spent time discussing what words describe them and writing them on the cutout before coloring and designing their hornet. The answers ranged from “I am a sister” to “I am a friend” to “I am a rockstar.”

Middle and Upper School students worked in groups during their advisory periods brainstorming their words. The faculty advisors asked the students to think about how they see themselves and the different groups to which they belong. In his advisory group, history teacher Bud Kohler mentioned how collectively we belong to different groups such as athletics, theater, and outside hobbies, but we are all linked through being part of the Hamden Hall community. The students spent the remaining time coloring their hornets for the boards.

All the bright and colorfully designed hornets were placed on five bulletin boards around the school including one on each floor of the Whitson Building, one in the Lender Refectory, and one in Swain Library. The bulletin board hives were created by art teacher Kristen Thornton while technology associate Chris Buckley designed and printed the hornet cutouts for the students to use.

Upper School English teacher Moira Cassell noted how the students in her group really engaged with the project and said how fun it is to see everyone taking the time to speak with one another about their different traits. In addition to allowing students to happily celebrate their individuality, the undertaking also focused on the shared connections. 

Hamden Hall has been designated as a No Place for Hate since 2020 by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Click here to learn more about our commitment to diversity.

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