Hamden Hall Country Day School

Educating students in PreSchool through Grade 12

Throughout Hamden Hall’s storied history, various endowments have been established in recognition of loved ones, former and current faculty, graduation classes, and more. Endowments are specifically designated funds, such as yearly scholarship monies, and cannot be used for other needs.

The following is a list of active endowment funds that you can support:

Albina Cannavaciolo Fund
Alumni Achievement Awards Scholarship Fund
Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
Annual Giving Fund - Unrestricted Appreciation/Honorary/Memorial Fund 
Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund
Barbara De Natale Scholarship Fund
Bea Westerfield Fund
Betty A. Ippolito 1977 Memorial Fund
Betty Lou Blumberg Fund
Beckerman Family Foundation Fund
Carol Jones Memorial Fund
Cecil and Mary Jane Beaupre Scholarship Fund
Charles C. and Viola M. DeMusis Scholarship Fund
Class of 1973 Endowment Fund
Coach B 500 Club
David A. Beckerman Scholarship Fund
Deborah Beitch Jenness 1982 Memorial Fund
Drama Program Fund
Edene Leader 1952 Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth F. Volpe Scholarship Fund
Eric Santangelo 1987 Memorial Fund
Ernie Russ Endowment Fund
General Scholarship Fund 
Jerry Whitson Endowment and Scholarship Fund
John R. McCune Fund
Kevin LeBrun 1989 Memorial Fund
Lynda Kaloides Fund
Lisa Deconinck 1991 Scholarship Fund 
Marjorie Stewart Scholarship Fund 
Michael Musso 1984 Fund
Nellie and Stanley Pongonis Fund
Norma Raccio Fund
Olson Family Scholarship Fund
Petar Lujic Memorial Fund
Perennial Pines Endowment Fund
Porto Family Scholarship
Rebecca Paul Sela 1998 and
     Karen Paul Giblin 2002 Scholarship Fund
Rick Beitch 1983 Memorial Fund
Robert Schroeder Scholarship Fund
Ronaldo Bossie Scholarship Fund
Science, Innovation & Design Program Endowment
Smith Legacy Theatre Fund
Sonny Coughlin Fund
Susan M. Lewin Scholarship Fund
Swain Library Fund
Teplitzky Family Endowment Fund for Diversity
Upper School Art Studio Fund
William H. Buell 1929 Scholarship Fund

Hamden Hall Country Day School

About Us

Hamden Hall Country Day School is a nurturing and inclusive community with a dynamic learning environment that promotes academic excellence by understanding each child and fostering their individual growth.