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National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4 through 8. This is a perfect opportunity to show how much we appreciate our teachers at Hamden Hall, especially for all of their hard work and dedication to our new distance learning initiative. The national theme for this week is “Get Emoji-tional with us and #thankAteacher.” Our teacher’s extensive work and impact moves us beyond words, so we need emojis to say how we feel. Let’s all shower our teachers in appreciation and share how we love (❤️) like (👍), celebrate (🎉) and care for (😍) our teachers!

To show your continued support of our teachers, please consider making a gift to the Hamden Hall Scholarship Fund, in honor of a teacher of your choice. The Hamden Hall Scholarship Fund has been established to directly benefit our students that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
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Teacher Appreciation Donors and Messages

Hamden Hall Teachers
Thank  you for running the 2020 Distance Learning so smoothly!

Junjie Li & Lincy Aisan & Mia Aisan 2028

Thank you!
Marko & Sarka Onofrej & Melanie Onofrej 2026

Thank you very much teachers. You help me a lot!
Jianzhou "Tom" Liu 2021

Thank you very much teachers!
Shaoming "Miles" Zhi 2022

In honor of every single wonderful teacher at Hamden Hall. Thank you! We would be nothing without you.
Carey DeGenaro 2004

Honoring all of the wonderful teachers at Hamden Hall!
Charles & Michele Silvey & Callie Silvey 2021

THANK YOU to ALL of our WONDERFUL teachers! Your kindness, encouragement and support of each and every student is unmatched! YOU are APPRECIATED and LOVED!
The Letizia Family

Thank you to all of Parker's teachers! Your dedication to the students is palpable everyday.
Dylan Jones, Dr. Christin Knowlton & Parker Jones 2025

Thank you for all you do!
Rodney Neubauer & Phyllis Pari

Thank you to all of those who have helped me succeed.
Youssef "Joseph" Hammoud 2022

To all the wonderful teachers who taught our children through the years.
Michael & Avon Johnson

To all the caring and dedicated teachers. Thank you very much for making a difference in Demir's life and inspiring him to strive to make a difference in others' lives. We feel fortunate Demir had so many great teachers at Hamden Hall.
Kutluk & Dr. Beril Uslu

Thank you Charlie Alexander, Peter Flamm, Dr. Kelly Ryan, Arnie Sabatelli, Julie Sanza & David Sokoloff
Cameron Parnoff 2022

In Honor of Emily Anderson, Lisa Collins, Sara Dixon, Rebecca Godinez, Monica Lyons 1995, Kathy McNeiece, Caitlin Murphy & Terry Porto
You are all amazing! You teach with love in your hearts and impart your knowledge in such a way that makes your students learn using all your skills and techniques...thank you!
Dr. Ralph & Barbara De Natale

In Honor of Emily Anderson & Rebecca Godinez
Thank you both for the dedication and love you show to our 1st graders every day!
Dr. Eddie Luzik & Cynthia Shea-Luzik

In Honor of Maria Agulian, Charlie Alexander, Karl Gasteyer, Michael Gustin, Stephanie Spaulding & Kevin Warnock
Thank you for encouraging me to succeed in everything I do and thank you for pushing me to be my best. I appreciate all of you.
Clayton Johnson 2022

In Honor of Richard Chiaramonte, Chase duPont 2002, Sarrah Gavin,  Sue Gonnelly. Señor Perez, & Kim Porto 1987
Thank you for making my time at Hamden Hall such a success and helping me every step of the way! Most importantly, thank you for believing in me.
Kieran Johnson 2020
In Honor of Sara Dixon
Thank you Mrs. Dixon for all your great care and concern!
Stacey Cartier & Zahir Williams 2028

For her hard work and support of Landon.
Keith 1998 & Sandy Kaliszewski

In Honor of Emily Anderson
For her hard work and support of Tyler.
Keith 1998 & Sandy Kaliszewski

In Honor of Suzanne Hamlin-Smith
Joyeux 40 annés á HH, Madame!
Gabriel Rhys Simerson 2016

You are the best! Thank you for everything you do!
Dawson Bloom 2020

In Honor of Bob & Janet Izzo
For all you do for the Hamden Hall Community.
The Hamden Hall Facilities Dept.

In Honor of Lisa Motter
She is Loved! 
The James Sansone Family

In Honor of Terry Porto
"Everything I ever needed to know I learned in first grade.
Thanks Mrs. Porto!"
Carl Porto Sr.

In Honor of Bruce Rich
Thank you. When we asked Aidan about his favorite teacher, with no hesitancy, he said Mr. Rich! Hope you are well and stay safe. We truly appreciate your work. It's quite amazing to be a fun math teacher.
Bill Nichols 1979 & Dr. Idil Cavus

In Honor of Kevin Warnock
Dilan told us you are his favorite teacher! Thank you so much. Not easy being a favorite teacher. Hope you are doing well and staying safe.
Bill Nichols 1979 & Dr. Idil Cavus

In Honor of Margaret Wei
"She has dedicated herself to the wellbeing of her students at Hamden Hall."
Wu Yan and Lan Lin

In Honor of Heather Robinson & Arielle St. Arnault
Thank you for the amazing activities you are creating for us during remote learning!
Julia Casanovas Mateos 2033

In Honor of Erin Correa & Lisa Collins
Thanks for your great help!
Haoyang "Hugo" Zhong 2030

In memory of Tom Iampietro
Gabriel Rhys Simerson 2016

Dorothy Barr 1962
Kenneth Bear 1960
Daniel & Kari Bley
Dr. Erik & Kiki Carlson
Peter & Carissa Civitello
Allison Ehrenreich
Mulin "Leon" Huang 2022
Jim Hunter 1980, Beth Hunter & Family
Dr. Daniel & Sharon Prober
Tom & Beth Reilly
Robert & Susan Sarrazin
Andrew Wingate & Tanya Bilchik 
Shaoming "Miles" Zhi 2022

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