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Five distinguished alumni were honored for their outstanding achievements during the 2016 Alumni Achievement Awards. They are Joyce Olson Resnikoff 1955, the developer and co-owner of Olde Mistick Village; Jordan Hadelman 1972, the founding chairman of executive search firm Witt/Kieffer; nonprofit executive Darchelle Garner 1979; Dr. Sanda Lujic Tomak 1989, a partner and surgeon with Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists; and Lou Mangini 1995, the congressional aide to U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro.
Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro was the first presenter – introducing her aide of nearly 15 years, Lou Mangini.
Former administrator Kathie Harris presented to Dr. Sanda Lujic Tomak, noting that she’s known the standout surgeon since her first day on campus as a prekindergartner. Mrs. Harris was Sanda’s PreKindergarten teacher.
Alumna Janet Parker of the Class of 1979 presented to her “childhood friend” Darchelle Garner.
Former Alumni Achievement recipient Jill Medvedow 1972 introduced her close friend and classmate Jordan Hadelman. The final recipient of the evening was Joyce Olson Resnikoff who started in the fourth grade with her twin brother, Jerry. Head of School Bob Izzo concluded the evening by reading the plaque inscribed with the honorees’ names, which is displayed in the Alumni Rotunda in the Beckerman Athletic Center.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Hamden Hall Country Day School Alumni Association is to foster and strengthen the relationship between Hamden Hall and its alumni and friends; to preserve and promote the school’s traditions, core values, and continued growth; and to keep alive the spirit of affection and reverence for the Hamden Hall school community.

Purpose and Objectives
The Hamden Hall Country Day School Alumni Association is the official association for all alumni of the school. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to cultivate, promote, and renew relationships among alumni through effective communication, programs, and events. To fulfill the mission and purpose of this organization, objectives will include:
• Strengthen the ties and contacts between the school and its alumni.
• Increase fellowship among the members of the association who share common interests.
• Promote mutually beneficial contacts between students and alumni.
• Support student activities to supplement and diversify the educational experiences available at Hamden Hall.
• Promote the identity and recognition of Hamden Hall off-campus.
• Support the quality of education and well-being of the school.
• Assist the school in obtaining financial resources necessary to fulfill its mission.

Any person who has attended/graduated Hamden Hall Country Day School, and having left the school in good standing, shall automatically become a member of the HHCDS Alumni Association and is thereby qualified to serve on the Alumni Council.

Alumni Achievement Award Recipients

Joyce Olson Resnikoff 1955
Jordan Hadelman 1972
Darchelle Garner 1979
Dr. Sanda Lujic Tomak 1989
Lou Mangini 199

Bill Polinsky 1958
Richard Kent 1968
Sue Spivack Bennett 1973
Rolan Young Smith 1978
David Wade 1993
Ross Douthat 1998

Carol Nutile Burke, Ph.D. 1947
Lindy Lee Gold 1962
Charles Shepard 1972
Dr. Rick Winters 1982

Richard Lyman, Ph.D. 1940
Joy Sundgaard Kaiser 1947
Jill Medvedow 1972
Bun-Su Lai 1988
Michael Barbaro 1998
The Hamden Hall Country Day School Alumni Association is pleased to welcome Lou Mangini, Class of 1995, as a new member of the Alumni Council. Lou is the congressional aide to U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro in her New Haven Office where he holds the titles of senior staff, constituent services manager, emergency response coordinator, and labor liaison. Under those titles fall the issues of outreach, economic development, transportation, labor, emergency response, and an occasional stint as driver. When not in the office, Lou can be found on stage and behind the scenes with his Hamden Hall 1995 classmate Ian Alderman as an actor/producer for A Broken Umbrella Theatre, a New Haven based ensemble that creates completely original site-specific works based on New Haven history. He has appeared in nine shows since 2009 ranging from the pirate tale Thunderbolt, which was performed under Edgewood Avenue in New Haven, to Seen Change! that premiered at the Shubert Theatre in February 2015. Lou is a Hamden native who now resides in New Haven along the Quinnipiac River in the old Yale Brewery building. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, he has spent most of his professional life in the political field working in both the state and federal arenas. In the Hamden Hall arena, Lou is a recipient of a 2016 Alumni Achievement Award.
The Hamden Hall Country Day School Alumni Association is pleased to welcome Lindy Lee Gold, Class of 1962, as an “official” member of the council. Lindy, of New Haven, Conn., has been an active and invaluable asset to Hamden Hall Alumni Relations for many years, always stepping up to help plan reunions and participating across the board—not only as a donor, but carving out time from her astonishingly busy professional and civic schedule to serve Hamden Hall as a volunteer.
In 2002, it was Lindy’s idea to organize a Saturday morning roundtable discussion during reunion weekend where celebrants enjoyed a meaningful conversation that she dubbed “lifelong learning.” The event was so well received that the tradition continues today for our milestone celebrants who return “back home” for what now is a Friday afternoon luncheon on campus—targeted to alumni celebrating 50+ reunion years. We’re looking forward to Lindy’s leadership as we plan 2017 Reunion in October, and we’re proud to list her among the 2012 Hamden Hall Alumni Achievement Award recipients.

Alumni Association Council Welcomes New Member Blake Acquarulo, Hamden Hall Class of 2012, has been named to the Hamden Hall Alumni Association Council. Blake graduated from Boston College in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in biology and a minor in medical humanities, health, and culture. For Blake, who has always loved science, medicine, and helping others, her educational pursuits follow in line with her passions. “I have also developed a strong interest for disease study and research,” she said. “My work this past summer at Yale Medical School in the department of Digestive Diseases has helped me further understand this interconnectedness between biology, medicine, and public health. From receiving grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to breeding mice as a model organism for our research, my internship at Yale studying cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease of the mucus and sweat glands, has further shown me how much public health and biology overlap and work together.” Blake is continuing her academic career at Yale University where she is pursuing a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases. We look forward to working with Blake on the Council and congratulate her on all of her academic achievements!

Alumni Association Councilors

(in chronological order)

Carol Nutile Burke, Ph.D. 1947
Maryanne Lincoln Hall 1954
Joyce Olson Resnikoff 1955
Mary Gaylord 1960
Lindy Lee Gold 1962
Walter Moriarty 1965
Richard G. Kent 1968
Michele Herman Brownstein 1972
Marc Riccio 1973
Wendy Liff Flynn 1973
Len Fasano 1977
Rolan Joni Young 1978
Kathy Lujic Curtis 1986
Sanda Lujic Tomak 1989
Chris Nicotra 1992
Matthew Collins 1994
Mark Porto 1994
Jessica Shweky 1994
Lou Mangini 1995
Alexis Highsmith 1997
Royce Brunson 2008
Blake Acquarulo 2012

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